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One of summer’s biggest make-up trends is next-to-nothing skin and barely-there base. This means your complexion needs to do all the talking, so here’s how to ensure your skin looks and feels its absolute best. 

After more than a year of wearing barely a scrap of make-up, it seems the ‘no make-up make-up’ look has become so much more than a fleeting trend. It’s here to stay. And we love that because embracing your natural beauty is what we're all here for!

That being said, nailing minimal make-up, which focuses entirely on your complexion, means your skin needs to look and feel its absolute best. Luckily we can help with that. Simply follow our quick, six-step guide to creating the perfect base for the rest of your face... 

We've had a washout weekend. And whilst the rain scuppered our plans for some outdoor fun with friends, it turned out to be a scrumptious relaxing, reflective couple of days. Perhaps just what we needed before taking another step towards normality. Life is about to get much busier. And it got me thinking...

Whilst the lockdown has been unquestionably hard on everyone, I've navigated through it by learning, or realising, to appreciate the special time we've had together as our little unit. Somewhat living the simple, slower life and embracing every moment. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for everything we've been able to do, see and enjoy. When you begin to understand how powerful practicing gratitude can be, you'll want to make sure going about your day gratuitously becomes second nature. So here's your guide to leading a life that's full of gratitude...

Just like your hands and eyes, your lips speak volumes about your age. So, if you’re looking to perfect your pout, read on for the best anti-ageing tips for the skin around your mouth. 

The skin on and around your lips is one of the first places to show the signs of premature ageing. Thanks to the degradation of collagen and elastin, which happens naturally as you age, it can really give the game away, swiftly becoming dry and creased while your lips themselves lose both volume and colour. But, the good news is all is never lost. No matter how old you are. So, if your lips are feeling and looking less than their best, here are some quick, easy ways to return them to their former glory...

At nearly 56, Elizabeth is delighted to be receiving more compliments about her skin than ever before since she discovered HIGHBORN last year. And as one of our wonderful Ambassadors, she's here to share with you what a difference a consistent, persistent regime can make for you. "If you wanted to grow the BEST flowers in your garden you water them and feed them routinely... you keep at it so they flourish and stay beautiful!" The same applies to your skin, as Elizabeth says.

"I truly believe my skin is doing so well because of two things. The first being 'routine', and the second being 'regime.'

Fine lines and wrinkles are a given as you age – and in all honesty, we think they add character and wisdom to an already beautiful you. But still, if you can pinpoint what causes them and slow them down with a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle, then why the devil not? Like grey hair, aching joints and an adversity to ‘modern’ music, wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process. But there’s something you need to know about skin ageing: there are two different types. And here, we cover the one you have COMPLETE control over ...

Confidence, I believe, is your key to unlocking happiness and success in this world. And it saddens me to know that there is a confidence shortage. It's becoming more and more of a problem for women of all ages and life stages. And it's not something that comes naturally for many, nor easily.

So I want to inspire you today to reflect on your own self-confidence and fill you up with my top tips for boosting your confidence. Because confidence really is the most beautiful thing you can wear day in day out [thank you Blake Lively for that, I love it!]. And it really is the answer to living a fulfilling, empowered and happy life!

It's a myth that the only effective age-defying skincare ingredients are produced in a lab and have impossible-to-pronounce names. Because some of the best ingredients for fighting the signs of ageing are actually born from nature. So here are eight of the best – and by the way, our HIGHBORNS contain them all!

Read on to discover the naturally super-powered age-defying ingredients in your HIGHBORNs.

Even the smallest changes to your skincare routine can reap huge rewards for your complexion. And more often than not, it’s about going back to the basics to check you’re laying down the best foundations for fabulous skin. Here are five tricks we truly believe will make a real, visible difference to your skin… for now and years to come.

Maintaining amazing skin might come easy for a handful of people, but for the majority, it takes a bit more time and effort to get a handle on how your skin works. Why is it so hard? Read on ...

Not sure if you’re using too little, or even too much, of your favourite skincare product? Then our guide is just what you need to find your products’ sweet spots and improve your results…

Do you love smothering your skin with oceans of moisturiser? Reckon that by applying more eye gel than advised, it’ll work on your lines and wrinkles faster... and better? Well, you could not be more wrong. In actual fact, the general rule with skincare – sun protection aside – is less is more. Anything above and beyond could not only compromise the health of your skin, but is as good as pouring money down the drain. When you hear our Ambassadors say “a little goes a long way,” they couldn’t be more accurate.

Can’t understand why your skin is suddenly breaking out, even though you’re way past your teenage years? Adult acne is becoming more and more common, especially in women, so, we don’t know about you, but we reckon it’s time to take charge of this whole post-adolescent acne business. 

Adult acne is a real thing. Why, then, did nobody tell you that as a teenager when you were constantly plagued with a spotty chin and slick forehead. “But you’re so lucky, dear. Having oily skin means you’ll have far fewer wrinkles when you get older,” they said. Such half-truths.