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I was over the moon when Claire wrote in to tell me she had completely changed all her skincare to HIGHBORN after discovering the Four Phase Collection just a few months ago. Totally wow'd by her amazing skin, her energy and her passion for skincare, she just HAD to become an Ambassador to share with you her latest discoveries and results.

And [dare I say it] with the festive season not too far away, she's here to tell you about her newfound love for LIPS. But take note, Superior Lip Butter and Organic Lip Glosses sell out quickly. Demand is always high. So if you want to guarantee yourself gorgeous lips before the rush, now's the time to grab yours ...

UV, sweat, pollen, heat and humidity are not welcomed friends to your skin. In fact, they can really upset your complexion and set back your skincare regime without taking some action.

Read on for eight of the best tips and tricks to boost your skin during the summer months... Plus shop all your summer saviour HIGHBORNs with 20% OFF in our Summer Sale here!

Your skin's barrier function is the absolute key to the look, feel and health of your skin. And when it's in bad shape, your skin becomes extremely vulnerable to things like dryness, dehydration, irritation and premature ageing.

Sad news is your barrier function weakens with age. Particularly if you leave it to its own devices.

Read on for five easy ways to help keep your skin's barrier function strong and resilient...

As skincare ingredients go, retinol is up there with the very best. Hovering right at the top of highly effective, derm-approved ingredients (along with the likes of vitamin C and glycolic acid).

If you’re under the impression that retinol is a big no-no during the warmer, summer months, oh how wrong you are!

Read on for three need-to-know facts about using retinol in summer…

Are your lashes getting thinner, shorter and more brittle, or just a little less luscious than they used to be?

Truth is, just like your skin and the hair on your head, your lashes age as you get older too. And they too need some TLC to keep them looking their best.

Read on for how to improve the health of you lashes PLUS stimulate lash growth for stronger, longer, fuller lashes... the natural way of course...


We all know cleansing is the absolute foundation for brining out your best skin. But do you know there are also right and wrong ways to cleanse your skin?

And cleansing incorrectly can have disastrous effects on your skin’s health?

Here are seven common cleansing mistakes you’re probably making – plus how to nip them in the bud fast...

Did you know hydrating your skin one of the most important ways to bring out your complexion? And it requires a lot more than slathering on your moisturiser morning and night and hoping for the best.

Read on for six ways to effectively hydrate your skin – inside AND out…

Looking for ways to refine your skin tone? Do you even know why dark patches are rocking up in the first place? Well, good news is you don't have to accept them for what they are.

Read on for three major factors that are behind your patchy, uneven skin. PLUS five proven tricks to help send them on their way...

Wondering about the best way to apply your face serum? Not sure what comes first, moisturiser or face oil? Perhaps you don't know where to start with the right products for you?

Skincare can be baffling, we know. And we're here to make caring for your skin simple and effective.

Read on for straight-up answers to five of the most common skincare questions…

"Never have I ever had a bad skin day"... said no one, ever!

But whilst grizzly skin days are inevitable, thankfully, there are many ways to avoid them in the first place. But what if it’s too late for that? Well, there are just as many tricks for putting a little pep back in your skin’s step.


Read on for our tried and tested tips we know will help you avoid AND turnaround your bad skin days…