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This skincare ingredient is worth its weight in gold. The antioxidant superhero vitamin C, or ascorbic acid if you want to get a little more technical. But, what exactly is vitamin C when it comes to skincare? How does it work? And is it right for you? Here’s everything you need to know about incorporating vitamin C into your regime.

When it comes to skincare ingredients, many faddy trends come and go – snail slime anyone? – while others undeniably stand the test of time. But why is it that some ingredients consistently crop up everywhere you look, while others just fade away into obscurity? Simple: they work. And as for vitamin C ... smoother, brighter, stronger, more protected skin? Yes please.

Everyone’s guilty of believing in the odd old wives’ tale, but when it comes to taking care of your skin certain ‘myths’ can do more harm than good. We’ve rounded up five of the most important skincare untruths, so you can move on and start acting on the stuff that works.

You'll know that sleeping in your make-up is not okay, and that avoiding harsh chemicals in your skincare routine is smart advice. But there are certain myths about your skin that even the most knowledgeable beauty expert is often unsure about. 

If you want your neck to stay looking younger for longer, failing to cleanse, protect and moisturise is simply not an option. Here’s how to stop the skin on your neck ageing you up way faster than you care to mention. And great news: just a few adjustments to your skincare routine is all it takes.

But first, what’s the deal with neck ageing, anyway? Read on ...

It always surprises people to know we have luxurious, natural hair care too. And because our 100% Natural Impact Shampoo and Conditioner Set now back in stock, we wanted to share with you the first impressions from our wonderful Ambassadors. So incase you didn't know or have been wondering about our exquisite HIGHBORN hair care, here's what our Ambassadors have experienced since trying our newly returned, natural shampoo and conditioner...

Otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, dark spots come in many different guises. So, if you’re confused about patchy skin, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we explain everything you need to know about what your dark spots are and more importantly, what to do about them. 

Otherwise known as 'hyperpigmentation', dark spots can be tricky to understand. Are they caused by too much sun? Are they a sign of a health issue? And why do they get worse as you get older? Here, we break down everything you need to know about your dark spots, from the most common types to the best ways to prevent and treat them. 

Whether you suffer from rosacea, eczema, sunburn (or a burn!), acne, dry or dehydrated skin, or you've cut or grazed your skin, our trusty 5-star Organic Hydration Gel has proven to instantly soothe, hydrate and heal like nothing else our customers have tried. And it's down to these superhero organic ingredients ...

If you were under the impression that dry skin and dehydrated skin were the same thing, think again. They’re actually two very different beasts. Here, we’ve pulled together the facts, so you can understand exactly what’s going on with your dry (or is it dehydrated?!) skin.

Today I wanted to share with you a real treat for your hands. I enjoy gardening and have to use a lot of sanitiser for work so my hands have really suffered. Red, sore, dry and dehydrated. I played around with my HIGHBORNs and discovered this gorgeous routine for turning around unhappy hands within minutes. I'd actually call this a ritual because it's so relaxing and enjoyable.

And there's no stopping this amazing skincare and beauty fanatic ... living with Parkinson's Disease since 2014 and full of confidence to bring you her tried and tested top tips as your trusted Ambassador. 

If you’re not sure what a face serum is, let alone know when and how to apply it, we’ve got your back. This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know (and a little bit more!) about this potent skincare treatment.

Cleansers, toners, moisturisers… you’ve got those down to a tee. But, what about the wonderful world of face serums? Yes, you’re probably aware of just how effective a serum can be for treating fine lines, adding instant hydration and brightening your complexion. And that’s a great start. However, serums are so much more than that.

Your eyes are taking centre stage more than ever right now. But with the stresses and strains of everyday life, they might not be as bright and youthful-looking as you might like. We’re here to help that with five simple ways to bring the sparkle back to your eyes.

Interestingly, this has even made an impact on make-up sales. Throughout the pandemic, lipstick purchases have decreased and eye make-up sales have gone through the roof. And this all makes perfect sense when you’re diligently wearing that all-important face mask and your eyes are taking centre stage.