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Summer Skincare Tips You Need To Know

UV, sweat, pollen, heat and humidity are not welcomed friends to your skin. In fact, they can really upset your complexion and set back your skincare regime without taking some action.

Read on for eight of the best tips and tricks to boost your skin during the summer months... Plus shop all your summer saviour HIGHBORNs with 20% OFF in our Summer Sale here!

1. Dial Up Your Exfoliation

Gentle, but regular exfoliation is all the more important in summer. This is because excess heat and higher humidity levels encourage your skin to a) produce more sebum and b) make you sweat more.

FACT: Without exfoliation, dead skin cells will hang around at a surface level, combining with sweat and oil to clog up your pores. Hello breakouts!

FIX: Exfoliate daily with Natural Luminosity Scrub, specially designed to be gentle on your skin. Apply a small amount to clean, damp skin and gently massage it over your face and neck. Washing away with a damp face cloth.

2. If Ever There's A Time To Tone

We're not talking harsh astringent toners here. A great toner that refreshes your skin while offering up a decent serving of soothing, hydrating and protecting ingredients is an ideal way to help all skin types get through the dry, hot, summer months.

Reach for our Diamond Toner which comes in a handy spritz bottle you can use at any time on a clean face.

It contains aloe vera to cool and soothe, plus a good dose of vitamin C to brighten your skin and help protect it from UV-induced environmental damage. And it's a double win with 20% OFF today in our Summer Sale here!

3. Detox With A Weekly Face Mask

Another fabulous way to balance excess sebum and deeply cleanse your skin to avoid a build up of summertime skin nasties like make-up, dirt, sunscreen and sweat is to treat your face and neck to a weekly face mask.

Try our Natural Element Clay Mask which is chock-full of fabulous ingredients like natural plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, botanical oils and of course, the amazing green French Clay.

It’s perfect for combating summer skin woes, plus, you have no option but to lie back and relax for 10 minutes while it works its magic!

4. Reach For The Ice, Ice Baby!

One of the greatest ways to jumpstart that coveted summer glow is to rub an ice cube over your face after cleansing. Loved by many Hollywood make-up artists!

FACT: Ice boosts circulation which brings blood to the surface to wake up tired, sun-blasted skin. It also helps reduce bags under your eyes and works hard to cool down angry breakouts and inflammation.

It’s So Easy! Wrap an ice cube in a clean flannel or muslin cloth and work it over clean skin for a minute or so and hey presto!

Ice a step too far for you? Give your skin a final rinse with cold water after cleansing. Similar results: less take-your-breath-away.

5. Stock Up Your Fridge

Save space in the fridge for some of your favourite skincare products! Certain products like Imperial Moisturiser and Imperial Eye Gel are fantastic when cooled.

Applying them cold gives your skin a refreshing blast of ingredients which helps soothe your skin, reduce puffiness and gives you a gorgeous glow thanks to boosting circulation and bringing blood cells to the surface of your skin.

Try doing this in the evening after being out in the heat all day for a heavenly cool down.

6. Cleanse With Extra Care

As well as the usual nasties that can sit on your skin all year (make-up, dirt and general debris), summer equals more sweat, oil and sunscreen which requires a slightly more stringent type of cleansing.

How Goes That? Try a little double cleanse, especially before bed. First use an oil-based cleanser to remove oily debris like sebum, sunscreen and make-up. Then cleanse again with a water-based cleanser to tackle impurities like sweat, bacteria and dirt.

Natural Make-Up Remover followed by Crystal Cleanser you will still look after your skin’s barrier function to help crush a healthy, glowing complexion.

7. Lighten Up Your Moisturiser

Most skin types will experience less dryness in summer thanks to the extra humidity in the air as well as the absence of central heating. This doesn’t mean your moisturiser can sit this one out, but it does mean you can afford to go for a lighter formulation if your skin allows it.

Our Organic Hydration Gel, for example, is a gorgeous gel formulation that glides on silky smooth yet gives your skin that all-important rush of hydration and moisturisation.

As an extra sidenote, it’s great for reducing inflammation and calming the symptoms of sunburn. A total must for this time of year.

8. Sunscreen Everyday, Always

The Facts Speak For Themselves: The sun is the biggest (by far!) cause of collagen damage and external skin ageing.

You should apply sunscreen to exposed skin every day of the year: summer, winter, rain or shine. But it’s even more important during the summer when you’re more likely to be outside for prolonged periods of time.

Apply Organic Tinted Moisturiser With SPF 25 to your face and décolletage every day, and use regular sunscreen on all other areas, paying particular attention to often-forgotten-about places like the backs of your hands, ears and feet.

FACT: Studies have shown that people who use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day are 24 percent less likely to show increased signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and dark spots.

Head over to our Summer Sale now and snap up your summer loving HIGHBORNs with 20% OFF today!

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