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Your 2020 Beauty Challenge (unusual idea)

You will hear endless messages at this time of year about how to perfect your body.
Perfect your body into an arbitrary society-imposed image of what’s considered “beautiful"!
But here’s the thing… that whole concept of “beauty” is make-believe. Our society 'invented' it. And you can choose whether to listen or not.
No matter what advertisers, magazines or social media portray - there is no one kind of beautiful. 
There’s no specific age, weight, height or body shape that’s beautiful. All ages are beautiful. Just like all body types and shapes are beautiful. 
It’s just a matter of recognising that beauty in you and appreciating it. Especially as you age and grow into who you’re meant to be.
So this year, we challenge you to tune out the messages of what “beauty” is supposed to be. And instead, focus on being your own kind of beautiful.
Being positive about your body (or anything for that matter) is so much easier when you surround yourself with positive people. 
Spread the word… be your own kind of beautiful.
So this year, try encouraging your friends to be positive about their bodies. So, they can encourage you. 
If a friend is negative about her looks - compliment her on all the lovely parts of her body that she overlooks. Explain that there is no one version of beautiful.
Spread the word about body positivity. Talk about how being positive about yourself and your body will lead to a positive outlook on life.
Challenge your friends to join you in loving their own bodies and their lives.
Be a source of positivity to others, and they (hopefully) will do the same for you.
And no matter what ... remember that you are AMAZING!
Tracey x


Jay knight on January 19 2020 at 10:50AM

I cut and pasted this to my beautiful 14 year old granddaughter who has issues with her weight. It’s such a strong blog I wanted to share it with her and tell her that her beauty radiates from inside and that beauty if you could see it would be on the cover of Elle or such magazine.
And I’m proud to say this darling takes after her Gran re body care so for her 15 birthday she will be receiving a Highborn skin package

Donna Carroll on January 19 2020 at 07:06AM

How lovely to read such a powerful statement"There is no one kind of beautiful". As someone who seriously suffers with self image this really impacted me.
It’s so sad that still today the images of beauty are impacting the young to the extent they are resorting to change their bodies via plastic surgeries.
We are all beautiful in a unique way.
It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Abi on January 19 2020 at 07:06AM

What a POSITIVE read! Yes we all judge ourselves from time to time. I have suffered on and off with depression throughout the years and a lot of it has been confidence and low self-esteem! At the tender age of 42 I can now say I like myself inside and out and with the help of counselling the right medication and running/yoga I feel much more positive and hence give out positive vibes!

Sandra Kneale on January 19 2020 at 07:06AM

Hi. I’m 67, average height and overweight, though I really try to lose weight and exercise I have health issues that prevent much exercise, and I’ve always felt very self conscious about myself.
I read this and feel empowered to love myself a little more this year.
I use your moisturiser and it is fabulous, it’s like putting whipped cream on my face, so light and delicate, I love it.

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