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Why Routine Is The Key To Your Best Skin



At nearly 56, Elizabeth is delighted to be receiving more compliments about her skin than ever before since she discovered HIGHBORN last year. And as one of our wonderful Ambassadors, she's here to share with you what a difference a consistent, persistent regime can make for you.

Think about this ... "If you wanted to grow the BEST flowers in your garden you water them and feed them routinely... you keep at it so they flourish and stay beautiful!" The same applies to your skin, as Elizabeth says. "I truly believe my skin is doing so well because of two things. The first being 'routine', and the second being 'regime.'

Having had a very challenging decade with serious illness and navigating away from an abusive relationship, Elizabeth was at her lowest. Confidence shattered, emotionally exhausted and in her own words "I really didn't like myself." Realising she needed to take control to rebuild her own happiness, she started on a search for some self-love through skincare.

"That's where HIGHBORN came in. I can hand on heart say this gorgeous range has given me a new lease of life, not to mention the best skin I've ever had! And so it is only fair for me to share what I've done to not only turn my skin around, but also my self-esteem. So here goes...and it's really quite simple! Nothing too tricky to stick to."

Morning Routine

After I've cleansed and showered, I apply Diamond Toner. I like to spray it onto my hands and pat it into my skin [although many prefer to spray directly onto their face]. After that's had a moment to settle, then comes the amazing Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum. Now, I actually like to put it on the tips of my fingers and dab it into my skin but anything goes.

After my serum has had a chance to sink in [it doesn't take long at all!], I dab Imperial Eye Gel all around my eyes, top and bottom. Note, using my ring finger for the least pressure on the eye area. And lastly, Imperial Moisturiser. Again, I like to pat that into my skin [it reduces pulling on the skin]. I'm then set to go for the day ahead feeling fab!

Evening Routine

I pump Crystal Cleanser into my hands, rub them together and massage into my face to remove make-up and build up from the day. I have re-usable cotton pads to wipe it away. And then back to patting in Diamond Toner again, followed by plumping my serum into my skin and gently dabbing on my eye gel again.

I always, always moisturise at night with the rich and nutritious Night Elixir. It really feels like my skin is getting its best drink ready for when it goes to sleep! Then my final step which I've surprised myself with because I'd never considered this before but it really has made a huge difference... the Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil. You really do only need the tiniest amount.

I've had mine for more than six months and still have plenty left! A couple of drops into my hands and I love to pat it into my skin. It's got all that goodness working through the night. 

And THIS is why I think my skin is doing so great. Give it a try and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Love Elizabeth x

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