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What is Causing Your Breakouts?

Ever suffered from breakouts?

Determining the cause of breakouts is not always easy!

However, narrowing down the possibilities will help you pinpoint the exact cause. So today we’re going to list some of the most common causes. And HOW TO FIX them! 


The 21st century is the era when decor rules our homes. And while it’s beautiful, throw pillows upon throw pillows may be doing your face a disservice. Make sure you wash your throw pillows just as often as you wash the pillow you sleep on. Especially because throw pillows go on the ground, catch dust and usually go unwashed for a longer period of time. 

Mobile Phones

This one is very easy and obvious one. We spend so much of our time on our phones, yet we most often don’t clean them enough as we should. We hold them against our cheeks, we touch them with our hands and fingers and… well, you know the rest. 

Makeup Brushes

Beauty blenders, sponges, or brushes can be a big cause of your breakouts. They sit out on the table, catch dust and dirt, not to mention if you don’t clean them regularly, all this grime gets mixed with layers and layers of makeup. Make sure you clean them as often as you can. 

Towels and Washcloths

Just like sheets and pillowcases towels and wash clothes can get dirty pretty quickly. They reside in the bathroom and can catch mould and bacteria pretty quickly. 

Postponing hair washing

That’s right. When you don’t wash your hair frequently enough, all the hair oils and dirt can slide from your hair follicles and onto your face. This can easily cause acne.

Then there are the ones we all know about, like stress, diet, hormones, medication… While you can’t control them all, the ones listed above are worth paying attention to. 

But breakouts or not; remember you're 10 minute skincare!

Have a great day, Tracey x


Sharon Franks on August 07 2020 at 11:03AM

I love these useful personal emails. Keep them coming

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