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Tips for Under Eye Dark Circles

In all my years working in the beauty industry, opinion and recommendations for under eye circles has changed a lot.

There was indeed a time when models wanted dark circles under their eyes (yes, on purpose) because of how smokey and sexy it made them look!

But many fans have asked me how best to conceal them and help ease them.

So if you’re concerned about dark circles, here’s some advice that may help :-):

1. Make Sure It's Nothing 'Medical'!

If dark circles have recently appeared, are present for a while and aren't usual for you then they may be a sign of something going on inside your body.

At HighBorn, we believe, (no, we KNOW) that the inside is as important as the outside and that the best way to cultivate outer beauty is to make sure your whole body is thriving.

So, if you're worried, pop yourself over to your GP and let them make sure it's nothing to be concerned about.

2. Check your stress levels.

Once you’ve ruled out medical causes, do a quick overhaul of how you're treating your body.

Lack of sleep causing dark circles isn’t just an old wives’ tale. It’s scientifically proven! 

Dark circles are primarily caused by blood vessels showing through the delicate skin beneath your eyes—so when those blood vessels expand (because your body produces cortisol to keep you awake), those circles look darker.

So make sure you’re getting enough sleep for your body to feel relaxed and rested.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The skin under your eyes is some of the thinnest on your body—and when you don’t drink enough water, it becomes even thinner.

Most of us walk around mildly dehydrated and don’t even know it—especially if we drink coffee every morning. Make sure you drink ten to twelve glasses of water minimum per day and even more if you drink coffee or alcohol!

And while we're on the topic, drinking alcohol is a FAST way to dry out your skin. Try to reduce consumption to a couple glasses a week—and if you do drink, drink a few glasses of water before you go to bed. 

4. Cover delicately!

The skin under your eyes is incredibly thin and delicate. Heavy concealers and foundations will overwhelm this delicate skin, and while they might lighten the appearance of dark circles, they’ll also emphasize whatever texture is there, whether that’s fine lines, deeper wrinkles, or dry skin.

When you use heavy concealers, instead of seeing your naturally gorgeous skin, the world will just see makeup. The “hide and conceal” approach really doesn’t work on the undereye area.

So if you do use concealer here, make sure it’s a light, hydrating formula that allows your skin’s natural radiance to shine through instead of “masking” what’s there. You might find that a natural, slightly tinted moisturizer a shade lighter than usual is more than enough.

5. Try Our Imperial Eye Gel!

It's perfect for helping lighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and let the beauty of your eyes shine through :-)

Click here for Imperial Eye Gel

And, I hope these little tips help you feel you're best.

Dedicated to helping you look and feel fantastic,

Tracey x




patricia daruwala on June 11 2020 at 03:05PM

I wish to say that i am 70 yrs old. my main problem is puffiness under my eyes

“bags” . my skin is pretty good and this problem spoils overall appearance especially

my eyes. so i just wonder if your products can really help. I am also on heavy pain

medication. Happy to say that i am a breast cancer survivor. I look forward to your reply

Thanking you


Rachel on April 22 2020 at 02:48PM

I am after something to help with hydration but mostly to help with the laughter lines, crows feet mainly around my eyes. I am just 36. I am reluctant to use anything too heavy as I usually end up with hard white ‘spots’ under the skin, which tend to coincide with upping the amount of cream/moisturiser I apply to my face. Which of your products would you recommend – gel, serum ??

Thank you

Julie Barrett on February 05 2018 at 05:54PM

I love the Imperial eye gel. I’ve been so impressed that I bought the serum and love that too! The customer service is fabulous and I really like the sense of community Highborn creates..❤️????

Helen Bates on June 30 2017 at 09:39PM

Best eye cream on the market.. been using for 6/8 weeks and my dark circles are fading.. taking into account I’m on major drugs, one being a gentle cancer treatment, amongst others, I couldn’t wish for a better one, have paid up to 75.00 previously, so thank you for such a hydrating smooth eye serum that does the job better then the leading Brands. Xx

kay larcombe on June 22 2017 at 09:15PM

Love the eye gel my eyes now look more awake and appear to be smoother under the eye. also love the Serum and Moisturiser too. When all 3 is used my skin looks fresher and plumper. Thanks Tracy for your fabulous Highborn products its made such a difference x

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