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"I feel like I'm in a spa ... these are a godsend for my mental wellbeing"






You need to meet Emma. She stopped me in my tracks with her first Ambassador video. I wasn’t expecting such a heartfelt response. The emotional impact of self-care through skincare doesn’t really get talked about. Yes, our products make a real difference physically. But honestly, for me, to hear that HIGHBORN has helped Emma de-stress and boost her mental wellbeing every day means the world to me.

So ladies, take a moment to listen to Emma. Perhaps to feel that you’re not alone and be inspired to try her approach. Perhaps to make you think of someone special who might be struggling and need a boost.

Here’s Emma …


I won’t be about the bush. Things are stressful to say the least! I’ve recently moved house. Have two young children. AND recently given birth to my third, gorgeous child.

On top of that, I run my own nursery … life is busy. I get very little time to myself. I also have fibromyalgia to contend with too so yes, some days I really struggle to keep my head up. Not to mention lockdown too … arghhhh!

I'm 38. For years, my skin has been a nightmare. And when life gets so full-on, my skin would FLARE UP. Stress-induced eczema. Dry, flaky, painful … it’s awful.

Just look at my skin right now though … I did this video a couple of days after moving house and two days before Maeve’s due date … I only have a tinted moisturiser on my skin. It’s unbelievably CLEAR! And it’s down to HIGHBORN.

BUT, this goes beyond my skin and physical appearance. For me, HIGHBORN has kept me sane. It sounds silly but it really has.

Just taking a few minutes out of my day for “me time” has made the world of difference to my mental wellbeing. A few minutes put aside to use the scrub and body butter is utterly soothing. Completely resetting me to take on the stresses of the day ahead.

It feels like you're having a spa treatment! Breathing in the amazing smell before the madness begins again. It’s like I’ve drifted away on holiday momentarily!

I worked in the beauty industry for 10 years and I’ve never used products like the scrub and body butter. My skin feels so soft and gorgeous after. It’s so moisturising and gentle on my skin. 

They're simply amazing. And the positive impact they’ve had on my state of mind has been a godsend. Every woman needs to be doing this!

So ladies, it’s simple really … just TREAT YOURSELF a little bit and you’ll feel amazing for it. Not to mention your skin thanking your for it too!

Emma x

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