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"I'm So Thankful For These During My Chemo!"


Kim is very close to my heart having recently endured the same journey as I did six years ago. A beauty therapist of 20 years with two young children when breast cancer struck. And what did she do during her treatment? Raised her hand to help me spread the word by joining our Ambassador program!

Kim is everything HIGHBORN stands for. Full of positive energy and letting nothing stop her looking and feeling her best. And she wouldn't be without her HIGHBORNs since her Auntie recommended them to her last year!

Kim has won her battle and it is an absolute honour to have been able to help her skin during her most difficult time. So please, take a moment to hear from Kim and how these HIGHBORNs have helped her during her journey and beyond ...


I'm Kim and I'm 39. I've been a beauty therapist for 20 years and I'm really passionate about skincare and the ingredients I put on my face. I was worried about my skin really suffering and drying out during my chemo and my Auntie told me about HIGHBORN and Tracey's story.

I have done a lot of research about ingredients over the years and HIGHBORN ticked all the boxes for me as the products don't contain any nasty ingredients. I wanted to try the products straight away! 

I was so excited and tried the Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum first. I instantly fell in love with it! 

It's my go-to product to keep my skin hydrated and to help slow down the signs of ageing which I am keen to do.

My skin feels so soft since using HIGHBORN and has a real glow to it. I've noticed they have also helped even out my skin tone too. I feel so much more confident with my skin.

I also had quite a deep line between my eyebrows and the HIGHBORN products have most definitely softened that line. I have two very young children so my eyes have often looked tired but with the Imperial Eye Gel has given my skin that second chance it needed.

I love the Crystal Cleanser and the Diamond Toner for prepping my skin for the rest of the products. And the Superior Lip Butter is amazing too! Really softening and plumping my lips.

I’ve worn make up since I was 15 years old as I never felt confident enough not too and HIGHBORN has improved my skin so much I now don't feel the need to wear as much make-up.

I wanted something that would look after my skin whilst I went through chemo and these products very much have. 

My skin has honestly been amazing since I’ve been using HIGHBORN. And as for the Natural Impact Shampoo and Conditioner ... I wouldn't trust anything else on my new hair which is slowly growing back!

I love every product and cannot recommend them enough! 

Kim x


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