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Meet our new Ambassador! And why she loves HIGHBORN...


Say "Hello" to our HIGHBORN Ambassador Ann Baker.

Ann loves so much about HIGHBORN from the products to support and the fact every product means another donation to help beat breast cancer. 

Watch her video to see why Ann 100% recommends HIGHBORN. And get her  "desert island" HIGHBORN must-haves below...

Hi, I'm Ann!

I’m a registered nurse, still working full time. I live in Somerset with my husband, our lovely labrador, cat, ducks and chickens!  We have a 23 year old daughter who is in her final year at University and has just started using HIGHBORN products herself. I have always tried to look after my skin, using quality products as budget allowed. Life’s ups and downs, and the menopause (I'm 64), have taken their toll on my skin so I’m very grateful to have found HIGHBORN!

I think I saw an advertisement for HIGHBORN on social media and something about the brand really appealed to me. I think it was the combination of Tracey’s story as well as the organic, natural qualities of the product prompted me to give it a go and I’ve been very pleased with the results

What do you love most about HIGHBORN? 

Everything! The quality of the products, the ethical nature of the brand and the face that you are supporting breast cancer, plus the way my skin feels.

What's your HIGHBORN desert-islander?

I have THREE! The Imperial eyepre-eminent beauty serum and the Imperial moisturiser.

What's been the biggest change you've experienced since using HIGHBORN?

I have noticed that my skin feels much smoother, softer and better hydrated and in spite of poor sleep I think the dark circles under my eyes have diminished.

I'm very much looking forward to supporting Tracey as an Ambassador and inspiring more people to give HIGHBORN a try!


Ann Roche on November 02 2020 at 04:55PM

I am already in the club… love it love it !! ❤️

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