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Is Stress Causing Your Skin Problems?

Last autumn, Facebook invited me to tell the HighBorn story to hundreds of people at a major event in central London.
On stage ... the keynote presentation, a huge honour
Now given I am NOT one for presentations you can imagine my thought process.
I was desperate to show people that no matter what happens to you you can bounce back and achieve your dreams.
But at the same time talking in front of hundreds of people is always a tad scary!
And on top of that I was putting pressure on myself to deliver a valuable talk. With real things the audience could do.
And thus of course the stress levels began to increase ...
Then boom! A pimple arrived on my chin! That wouldn't be odd apart from I'm lucky enough to almost never get them.
Not the end of the world of course but it reminded me of the very real link between stress, disease and illnesses. And, it can make skin issues worse too!
No matter what skin issues you face, there's a very good chance reducing stress will help. So, how do we do this?
Skin reacts to emotional stimuli - so it’s good to practice mindfulness.
We all feel stress. But it isn’t the stress that makes us feel worse, but rather how we handle the stress. How you react.
What I found helps me, is being better at handling stressful situations.
If you get emotional, angry or frustrated, it actually increases your stress.
But if you are aware of your reactions and manage them, you’ll see a huge difference on how stress impacts you.
Meditation and Relaxation
I'm not a regular 'meditator' but I have used meditation and found it very helpful and know lots of people who swear by it. There are some very well respected apps around to help nowadays.
Relaxation is good for taking your stress levels down. Listening to music in a quiet room, taking a walk, spending time in nature, reading a book -are all great ways to relax.
Yes, you don’t always feel like you’re in control. But most of the time you are.
If you’re setting goals for 2020 why not set peace of mind right at the top - you'll be pleased you did.
Tracey xx

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