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"I Feel Like A Changed Woman!" - How Asma Manages Mental Health And Menopause



Be blown away by our amazing Ambassador Asma! This incredible lady battles with mental health day in, day out, the menopause on top and a challenging full time career in a care home.

Recognising the importance of self-care for mental wellbeing and feeling "like a changed woman" since becoming a HIGHBORN fanatic five years ago! It's fair to say Asma knows our range inside out.

So, take a moment to get to know our incredible Ambassador and discover her go-to's for giving her gorgeous, radiant skin ... but most importantly, helping her to feel amazing about herself ... 


I'm Asma, a 47 year old Grandmother to two sweet little Granddaughters. I feel so lucky and adore them! I work in care home which has been incredibly hard and heart-breaking during the pandemic.

I've been surrounded by so much sadness day in day out so being blessed with grandchildren to brighten each day has been a real Godsend. I have a mad passion for flowers too and I am a qualified florist which helps take my mind away.

I am very open about struggling with mental health on a daily basis. It can be a touchy subject to some people as it's hard to admit due to being stereotyped and misunderstood. But I am ok in sharing this with others and have come to terms with it. And with the menopause on top things have not been easy!

I absolutely love skincare products. When I was younger I'd watch my beautiful late mother applying her skincare morning and night. She had extremely radiant skin and I really looked up to her.

She sadly died of breast cancer in 2010. It's thanks to her that I always took care of my face, using only cruelty free, natural, chemical free products. I discovered HIGHBORN products 5 years ago and I've never turned back since!

I love the the entire range of products but if I had to choose a favourite it would have to be the Imperial Eye Gel (and the Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum is just lush! I can't choose one!).

I've noticed that the fine lines around my eyes are softening and disappearing - happy days at 47 years old!

I love the Imperial Moisturiser and Night Elixir - they're so gorgeous. My skin is so much more radiant and smooth. The Natural Luminosity Scrub for face and body is amazing. I couldn't be without it! I use so much of it so it's great that the jar is so big!

I do suffer from dry skin and the Organic Hydration Gel has been my saviour. My skin literally drinks it up and instantly feels better. I love that it's 100% natural too. 

If you haven't already tried them, I'd really recommend the Organic Lip Gloss trio. Honestly they feel so amazing on your lips and all the shades are gorgeous. They're great for adding a quick boost to your face every day and make your lips feel so soft.

It's so important to me to keep on top of my skincare routine. Not just for the benefits to my skin but also for how it makes me feel. And I honestly feel like a changed woman since discovering HIGHBORN; so much more confident in myself.

I get so many compliments about my skin! It's so lovely to hear and gives me a such a boost.

I'm so proud to be a HIGHBORN Ambassador and to help Tracey spread the word and support the fight against breast cancer.


Asma x 


Shopping list:

Four Phase Day and Night Collection

Natural Luminosity Scrub 

Organic Lip Glosses

Organic Hydration Gel

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