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How to Overcome Anything and Achieve Your Dreams in 2017

"How many bottles have you got to get rid of?” she said, the day I told her my very first batch of HighBorn London Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum was ready for sale.

My eyelids froze, my heart sank, I lurched back through what she’d just said ...


I’d just spent the best of part of 18 months battling my way through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and more to beat breast cancer. While I did that I kept myself positive and focused on finally achieving my childhood dream to have my own beauty business that really helped people and all she could say was ... “How many have you got to get rid of?”!!

As if everything I’d dreamt about, planned, sweated and cried over was worthless ...  just  ... well ... something to ‘get rid of’!

Could she not see how much this meant to me?

Did she not realise how many people needed help to look and feel better about themselves? How many people were crying out for a 100% natural, safe yet luxury beauty products that worked?

Didn’t she have any faith in me achieving anything?

I don’t know …

It’s not really important anyway.

But here’s what is important … And it’s about YOU.

Wherever you are in your life right now and whatever hopes, dreams and aspirations you have. However far fetched, outrageous, expensive, complicated even dangerous they may be; YOU CAN DO IT.

Some people will tell you can’t.

Some people will smile at you as if to say ‘how sweet, let her have her little dream’.

Some people will try and stop you without even meaning to.

Some people will be hurtful ... 

You see, too often, they have their own hopes, dreams, aspirations that they’ve buried, hidden, smothered because they don’t want to feel the pang of disappointment, the cold sweat of failure that they haven’t become reality.

But that’s not you.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at just 34 was the worst and yet equally the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Not everyone like me makes it this far and not a single day goes by that I’m not eternally grateful for every single second I have on this magnificently ‘crazy’ planet with Henry, Henry (junior), Matilda and all my beautiful friends and family.

So whatever hopes, plans, dreams you have, no matter how far away they may seem … take a step towards them today.

That is ALL I did. And you can do it too.

Because you see ... your dreams are in fact, much, much, much closer than you could ever imagine x.

See you soon,

Tracey Broadway
HighBorn London (Founder)

“It’s about beauty. It’s about class. It’s about you.

PS: You're amazing x



Doreen Ward on October 09 2017 at 05:33AM

Such thoughtless words, Tracey, your products are lovely and great to use. I admire your attitude very much and you have obviously worked very hard to achieve your dream. I particularly like the eye gel, very effective.

Christine Smith on June 19 2017 at 08:00PM

I am loving these products, I am just happy these products don’t bring me out in spots, I am 55 years old and have searched for years for a moisturiser which doesn’t cause a reaction I think I may have found it, smell great as well

Diane on April 28 2017 at 04:56PM

Hi Tracey, I ordered all of the products and was not disappointed. I have bought top brand names in the past and have been quite happy but not as happy as I am now. It makes it so much more special reading about the journey you have been through. You are truly an inspiration, so, you have ‘GOT RID’ of an amazing product to a very appreciative me…… thank you and best wishes Diane x

patricia on April 25 2017 at 12:38PM

Your products are truly amazing , i have only being using them for afew days, and my husband ,who,normally does not notice what I’m wearing told me “what have you been using on your face to make that much improvement” it’s a complimentlol. I am so,pleased to have seen your advert on facebook in all my 77years this is best my skin has ever looked. Thanks form your inspiring story. I have cancer too, but it’s good to have people who actuality do something about it,

Trish Nugent on April 07 2017 at 01:31PM

I love that i’ve found these products. Amazed by speedy delivery, price, ingredients, reviews and I can’t wait to try them! Just smell delicious! Posted my excitement on fb & a friend has just placed her first order too. Thank you!

Carol Greig on February 25 2017 at 12:31PM

Tracy, I’m looking so forward to using your products, and cannot wait for my delivery, you have been through so much, and your courage gives everyone out there who is suffering and going through a difficulty time, you are absolutely an inspiration! Xx

Lynne on January 18 2017 at 01:51PM

Really nice and inspiring article Tracey!
Well done and wishing you continued success and health.

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