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How to Balance Your Mind, Body and Soul This Winter

Here comes the end of the year. The perfect time to slow down and reflect on the past months to reconnect with your true self.

Yet for many, the Christmas season is a stressful time! Shopping, flashing lights, family ‘fun’, parties and more …

The change in the wind and sun temperature also causes oil glands to become inactive and produce less moisture than usual. All of this leads to skin ailments like minor wrinkles, scaling, itching, chapping and eczema.

So rejuvenate and restore your wellbeing this winter with a few of my favorite rituals to embrace the cold!

'Soak' Your Skin

Just as if you would change your wardrobes seasonally, so should your skincare routine. Creams and serums are your best friend when the weather dries out your skin. Often, lotions don't provide enough hydration to reduce water loss in the skin. Serum performs better at protecting against temperature and humidity extremes while rejuvenating parched skin.

Go for a natural face serum like HighBorn’s Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum. A rich product filled with minerals, extracts, and vitamins renews your skin, fights aging and protects against dryness. A serum absorbs into your skin, soaking straight to the damaged cells and work to heal, hydrate, and replenish.

Engage Your Body

It’s important to move your body and not stay idle this winter. Start out with a few easy and simple stretches to get your blood circulating. Yoga is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body and ease your mind. The more you move, the more energy you’ll have. The deeper you breathe, the more likely you’ll be able to tap into the present moment.

Fill Your Home with Aromas

Uplift your mood during the cold winter months by adding a rich fragrance in your home. Inhaling certain aromas has been proven to uplift your spirits and help make your home feel warmer. Using a scent diffuser with bold fragrances is the perfect way to make your home feel more inviting during a party or a special dinner occasion.

Aroma's such as vanilla and warm will leather fill your home with a rustic charm. Woodsy scents such as cedarwood are a lingering fragrance that lasts for weeks at a time. The diffuser is a practical alternative to using candles since the all-natural aroma is the perfect accent for larger spaces in your home.

Smooth & Supple Lips

Chapped and cracked lips are a real headache in the winter season. Our lips contain the thinnest layers of skin which is more prone to become affected by dryness and cold air. Cracked lips can even suffer bleeding if not properly taken care of. Lip balms like HighBorn’s Superior Lip Butter are essential to help keep your lips protected from the dry air while keeping them well-moisturized and supple.

Make your mind, body and soul top priority this winter, it’s a good way to clear the slate for a new year coming up.

And be sure to have a ton of fun too! You deserve it!

Tracey x


Carol Keogh on January 11 2019 at 07:58PM

After recently finishing chemo & radiotherapy for breast cancer I found your products as I was looking for a paraben free range. I love it, just what my skin needed, it feels normal again! Still struggling to find a good paraben free body moisturiser, so if you add one to your range I’d love to try it.

Deb Ashton on January 11 2019 at 07:58PM

Great advice. I am certainly finding that my skin is in better condition now that I have started to use Highborn products. My skin is more hydrated and less dry and stressed. Feeling better ablut myself and my appearance help at this potentially sttessful time of year when tbe dark nights are upon us and when we can lapse into feeling glum

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