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"I Feel Attractive Again," From Depressed To Divine, Here's Barbara's Story ...



I'm delighted to introduce to you Barbara, our new Ambassador. If there's one lady who's no longer afraid to own her beauty this is she! Oozing energy, loving life, and reaping the benefits of her newfound skincare regime which changed her skin in just a few weeks ...

And she's "back" after a gruelling divorce and detaching from the world. And I'm so happy she's found the HIGHBORN community, because ladies, we are all here to help one another look and feel our best, no matter what.

So without further ado, read on to find out which HIGHBORNs diminished Barbara's crows feet and gave her flawless, supple skin. Here's Barbara ...

Well, hello!

So a little bit about me ...

I'm nearly 50. Why is that relevant? Well, I comfortable with my age, probably because I'm so happy with my skin. I'm a busy mother of three children aged 14, 12 and 11. I went through a very difficult divorce in 2015 and it was so all consuming and ghastly that I retreated into myself and lost interest in the world.

I was very anxious and depressed to be honest ...

I am obsessed with skincare and find comfort and cathartic distraction in beautiful packaging, luxurious creams and the results of course! It has been one of the great joys of feeling stronger and happier in myself.

Much to my delight, I found HIGHBORN just a few months ago ...

The products looked wonderful and although I would have gladly bought all of them, I started with the Imperial Eye Gel and the Imperial Moisturiser. Literally within a fortnight of using the products, my friends, family and even my children were telling me how well I looked ... that my skin looked supple and flawless! 

I could not believe the different in such a short space of time. My children generously pointed out that the "lines and bags" under my eyes had gone! It made me feel a surge of gratitude to HIGHBORN and a huge urge to try more products.

I can’t live without the Imperial Eye Gel now. It is the perfect consistency, soft, not too perfumed and best of all it's so effective. You can feel your skin tightening without the uncomfortable dryness I have felt under my eyes with other products.

I cannot believe my crows feet have diminished to the extent they have in such a short time. Easily the best under eye cream I have ever used. And then there's the Night Elixir which is absolutely wonderful! I wake up with my face feeling so soft, supple and radiant, ready for the day ahead.

And now I have the full range ... I simply love it all for what it has done for my skin and also for me. 

My confidence is back after having been so crushed and I feel I can face the world and feel attractive again approaching 50!

Thank you for listening. We're in this together ladies.

Barbara x


Bernice on October 24 2021 at 10:50PM

Thanks for your honesty, Barbara. Really great to read your story. I’ve tried so many eye creams without success; if even your children noticed the difference, it sounds like the Imperial Eye Gel is the elixir I need!

Antoinette Pearce on October 24 2021 at 10:50PM

Thank you I two get left by my husband during lock down 2020 after 33 yrs very depressed and with drawn with it all mmy my skin had stuffed and lines of course I will be getting this brillant eye cream as you recommended thank you

Amtul on October 24 2021 at 10:50PM

Wow Barbara congratulations on such an honest and passionate video! You look lovely both in the before and after photos 😘
I’d love to try the eye gel too.
Anything you can recommend for blemishes? Although I have to admit (as you have probably noticed!) that I have a very low maintenance makeup routine 🙏🏽

Teresa on October 24 2021 at 10:50PM

Looking fab!

Must try these products as i am fast approaching 50 and need a miracle to get rid of these wrinkles!


Rose Corcoran on October 24 2021 at 10:50PM

This is great and I shall be buying the eye gel due to Barbara’s recommendation. I can’t wait to try it.

Karen Hards on October 24 2021 at 10:50PM

Lovely Barbara

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