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Facial Scrubs Will Change Your Skin

How many dead skin cells do you shed every single day?

Answer: A lot!

Yes! In fact you create a new layer of skin approximately every 28 days to be more precise. So, while you're sleeping, working and just busy living life, Mother Nature is doing its thing.
Why are facial scrubs so good? There are several benefits from regular scrubbing.
You’ll scrub-a-dub-dubbing away all the dead skin cells that are just sitting on top of your skin. The result is revealing all the smooth, soft skin that’s beneath.
We all know we can’t stop ageing ... ageing is completely normal and we should embrace it! Psssst ... but no reason to not look and feel our best along the way! If you can do something for your skin look and feel more alive, smooth and soft, why not?
A facial scrub will do that exactly.
Issues with skin texture? Gone.
Flaky skin that prevents you from applying your makeup smoothly? Also gone.
But not only that, if you don’t remove dead skin cells, you’re going to clog your pores. Think about it. You keep layering moisturisers, serums, gels, makeup... And you’re not getting in there to take it all off. Which causes your pores to get clogged, and your skin to act out.
And that's why we're proud to help you reveal your skin's natural radiance with our brand new Natural Luminosity Scrub.
Natural Luminosity Scrub safely strips away the dull, lifeless skin from your face and body every day. Super light exfoliation to leave you with the most radiant skin to start your day.
You can see it here.
Tracey x


Jane Hawkins on July 01 2020 at 12:01PM

I love all the lovely products i have only been using them for one week now and so far everything is fine..I’m going to try the Luminosity face and body scrub as well as it sounds wonderful. Many thanks everyone for all your support and wonderful products.

Pam Silver on March 22 2020 at 02:43PM

I have never really exfoliated! Except when I have had facials!, Its never been in my beauty routine 😔 so I’d like to start now. You call it a facial scrub. With what do I scrub? Do you sell whatever it is with the product?

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