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5 Signs Your Skin is Tired ... And How to Tackle Them


Your skin wears your feelings, especially when you're tired or stressed. It's been a tough few weeks for sure. And it's likely taking its toll on your skin. Not to mention you.

Here are five tell-tale signs that your skin is feeling it too ... and how you can quickly and easily start to fix them ...

1. Dark circles

An obvious one. But do you know what causes them? They're effectively dark pigmentation which become more noticeable because of dehydration, allowing the pigmentation to show through more.

Before you reach for the concealer (which won't settle well on tired, dehydrated skin), rehydrate naturally with plenty of water for better cell functioning and reach for Imperial Eye Gel for a more targeted, daily treatment. It's designed to instantly hydrate, rejuvenate and soothe your eyes - you'll notice an immediate effect!

2. Puffy eyes

Puffiness causes extra shadows, adding to the darker appearance under your eyes. You see, your eye area holds onto water when it's fatigued in an effort to rehydrate. The good news is the puffiness can be quickly and easily reversed...

Of course there's the good old trick of keeping a teaspoon in the fridge and gently pressing it on your eye area. It constricts the blood vessels to reduce puffiness and the cool temperature encourages fluid drainage. But who has time to do that at the minute? I recommend keeping the Imperial Eye Gel in the fridge to instantly soothe and get to work while you get on with your day! 

3. Fine lines

Tired skin can quickly amplify those niggly fine lines. It's no surprise really. Tired skin is low on nutrients and hydration. Now, whilst drinking more water does help your skin cells to function better, it will take some time to notice a difference. But adding in an intense serum, like Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum, will instantly penetrate deep into your skin, helping to even out those fine lines. 

4. Dry, flaky skin

A sign your skin is suffering. Whether it's lack of sleep, poor diet, or heightened cortisol as a result of stress in your life, your skin will struggle to repair and replace itself as it naturally does each day. Night Elixir is a must before your beauty sleep. A rich, deeply nourishing moisturiser designed to give you overnight rejuvenation. Feeding your skin with the nutrients it needs to regenerate when your body is tired and working hard to support other areas. 

5. Dullness and paleness

When your skin is tired it won't be shedding dead skin cells effectively. Causing them to build up over the day (and night, even when you're sleeping). The build-up of dead cells on your face simply blocks the radiant, fresh skin underneath. Dead cells are also bad at reflecting light because they're scattered all over your skin - not great for that natural glow.

This is a quick one to turnaround. Simply remove those done-with cells with a gentle scrub to instantly reveal radiant, new skin! Natural Luminosity Scrub is perfect here. And I'd recommend using it every day to help your body do one less thing. The smoother surface will beautifully bounce off the light to bring back your youthful glow. 

Now, if you're noticing a pale, perhaps even greyer, complexion, don't reach for a thick, cloggy cover up. It'll harden your tired texture and intensify those struggling lines. A lighter, sheer coverage to add a touch of colour back into your skin is best. Organic Tinted Moisturiser is ideal. Not only adding an instant radiance but also feeding and hydrating your skin throughout the day. Not to mention that all important SPF 25. It's a win, win, win!

Don't let your tired skin get you down when you're already exhausted. Help your body do one less thing by taking control of the things you can quickly and easily do to make a difference. I've purposefully not mentioned "beauty sleep" because I know you'll be doing the best you can to get some much-needed rest. 

Start to bring back your radiance today! You'll feel so much better for it!

Have a great day and get some rest, if you can.

Tracey xxxx


Susan Esquilant on January 27 2021 at 11:36AM

Food for thought, good sound advice, will try and put it to use

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