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Your Top Question Answered: Serum, Moisturiser, Eye Gel; What Order Should You Apply Them?

Okay ... one of the strangest beauty questions I ever received from a customer required an answer which was bordering on ‘XXX’. I was shocked!

Maybe I’ll share it one day; and my rather 'tame' response!

But, the MOST common question I receive from customers is:

"In what order should I apply your serum, moisturiser and eye gel"?

Great question and here’s my 4-Step answer fro best results:

Step 1: Cleanse and tone first with your preferred products. And yes, I’ll have an amazing toner and cleanser for you very soon. I’ve already got my test batch and they’re lovely. I’ll let you know as soon as they’re available.

Step 2: After cleansing and toning apply Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum in a thin layer to penetrate the skin and treat various conditions such as dehydration, lack of firmness and dark spots.

Step 3: Just before applying Imperial Moisturiser, apply a pea-sized amount of my fast-absorbing Imperial Eye Gel.

Step 4:  Finally, massage my hydrating Imperial Moisturiser all over the face and neck to plump it up.

That’s it!

Talk soon,

Tracey Broadway
HighBorn London (Founder)
“It’s about beauty. It’s about class. It’s about you.

PS: You really are amazing x


Ann Wade on August 19 2020 at 01:13PM

I have been using your products for about 5 months now & really love them. I am 81 years old & have used various different makes in my life, but since I have been using Highborn products people have said that I look great for my age. I now have the full range & won’t use anything else, I just wish the superior lip butter would come in a lipstick form, it would be easier to carry with me to use more regularly, especially as in Spain we have to wear a mask at all times when out in public, which in the heat dries lips out very quickly.
Keep up your wonderful work, they are amazing products

Tracy Watton on May 14 2020 at 09:55AM

Just to say that I have received my new eye gel and it is so much better in a pot. Very often in the pump I would have to take it apart and use it by scooping it out. Really love it now

Olive on May 14 2020 at 09:55AM

I am 76 yrs and use the serum eye gel and moisturiser. I decided to have a visit to the beauty salon (before lockdown) and was told that I had lovely skin, a comment that I would not have received before using your products. As you may guess I came out floating on a cloud!!!!! If I may make one comment…..I do find it difficult to control the pump action on the serum which expels more product than necessary. Well done to All and stay safe in these uncertain times

Karen Wylie on May 14 2020 at 09:55AM

Hi was reading the order of application of products but wondering when to apply the organic hydration gel? I do cleanse tone hydration gel then eye gel then moisturiser. Then when do I use serum if needed at all? Thanks hope this is right order.

Edel Walsh on May 14 2020 at 09:56AM

I received my products about 2week ago and have started using them they are amazing, I have never really used anything on my face up until now,but as I’m getting that bit older, I have always been rushing and racing for everybody else and its time to look after me for once, so happy with the products, I have recommended them to girls at work, we are so busy at the moment as we are carers in a care home with vivid 19, just getting back to you Tracy,do you do travel size btls?

Lin Cowley on May 14 2020 at 09:56AM

I don’t normally leave comments but I have been using these products for couple of years now and wouldn’t bother with anything else. At 70 I have no great expectations and take most advertising with pinch of salt, but highborn hits the spot , the smell, consistency and results. I always have spares so never run out. Oh, should also mention lovely packaging and quick delivery. My daughter now is a convert. Please don’t stop making it.

Carol Carr on January 24 2020 at 06:49AM

Please send me more information on products prices and ways of purchasing!!

Jill Westlake on April 29 2019 at 01:55PM

Am just going to start using my second batch this week and I absolutely love it. The packaging, the smell, the feeling of this lovely skin product. Have recommended it to several of my friends!!!

Mare Uustalu on April 15 2019 at 09:12AM

I have been using your products for a while now and they are amazing. My skin looks so much better. I will be ordering again ❤️ I love all the products ❤️

Ruth Antuch on April 15 2019 at 09:12AM

I love all of your products. I had Chemo and radiotherapy which left my skin really sallow.Everyone has commented on how well I look since using your products. Excellent. Thank you.

Janet Underwood on April 15 2019 at 09:12AM

Amazing using your products for about 2 weeks my skin is so smooth. Shame it’s hay fever season as my eyes are not benefiting from the eye cream but actually can see a reduction in dark circles thank you. Will deffo be putting in a next order soon xxx

Janet Underwood on April 29 2019 at 01:55PM

Amazing using your products for about 2 weeks my skin is so smooth. Shame it’s hay fever season as my eyes are not benefiting from the eye cream but actually can see a reduction in dark circles thank you. Will deffo be putting in a next order soon xxx

Beth Chaitin on April 15 2019 at 09:12AM

I started using your products about a year ago. Due to a high stress level in my life, I noticed that my skin started to change. I was getting wrinkles and sagging skin. I tried everything from very inexpensive products to crazy expensive products and I had zero success. All of them were either too hard on my skin or did nothing.
Over the last several months I have gotten several great comments about my skin. For example, “gee you have beautiful skin. What are you doing to keep it so lovely?” I tell everyone to use Highborn.” Thanks for your products. Beth

Ginny Fraser on April 15 2019 at 09:12AM

To respond to Fiona Christie’s comment, at nearly 52 you’re a babe. I’m 74 and have zero, zilch, diddly-squat expectations of any face creams, but still keep trying. I’ll post again when I’ve been using Highborn products after a few weeks. Even if we are 99-years-old, we still want to look and feel good!

Rosemary on January 11 2019 at 07:58PM

This is my second purchase and loving these products . My skin looks and feels so much better .I will definitely be keeping to these products the best on the market in my opinion

Kabita Gurung on November 15 2018 at 01:56PM

Simply great products. I wasn’t sure about using it because I was failed to use all the branded products on my face but since I start using Highborn London it makes my skin very different. I’m using twice a day excitly how Tracey explained. Believe me guys you feel star. Thanx Tracey 😘

Sam wilcox on May 13 2018 at 08:00AM

I have just stsrted using this range having always used Clinique. I find it better! It smells gorgeous and applies well and feels wonderful. I actually look forward to using it. Only downsize is my dogs love the smell and keep licking my face

A Raja on March 25 2018 at 08:51AM

I have been using my products now for a few months and i can see a visible difference, but best of all is that my friends have noticed how bright and clear my face looks. Thanks to Highbornlondon. Great products and they smell great.

April Tod on March 17 2018 at 11:51AM

I have been using your products for a while now and they are amazing. My skin looks so much better so for me I will only use your products. I will be ordering some for Christmas for my sister so she can try them I just know she will love them as much as I do. The products look so classy on my dressing table.

Carol Massey on March 16 2018 at 07:54AM

I have been using the eye and face serum, moisturiser and lip balm for several weeks now and my skin feels wonderful. I love the smell of the serums and balm but not so keen on the moisturiser, just personal preference though. They are all so easy to use and just glide onto the skin. I purchased a second batch very quickly on special offer as I didn’t want to run out. The packaging looks so luxurious and it looks so glamorous on my bathroom shelf. Thank you for such lovely products and your story is inspirational, keep well Tracey. Xx

Karen McCarthy on March 15 2018 at 02:48PM

Beautifully packaged products! I was missing a Cleanser (received two Toners), Tracey immediately dispatched the Cleanser, this is great customer service. The products smell divine, I have definitely noticed a change in my complexion and my skin has also plumped out. High end products at a great price.
The lip balm is utterly scrummy! Thank you for creating this range, it’s superb x

julia manger on March 15 2018 at 01:09PM

i have been using the serum eye cream and moisturizer and i can say they are lovely to use soak in really quick and love the smell .. Just ordered another moisturizer love it

Gill Farrell on February 22 2018 at 07:14AM

I received my 4 phase products two days ago, and they were beautifully packaged. They look lovely sitting on my dressing table. It’s too early to see any results, but all the products feel amazing. I have been very poorly for about 7 weeks now, so have extreme dark circles, so I’m really excited to see the magic of the eye gel work. The service was amazing, and Tracey’s story was so inspirational. I will post again when I have used the products for a bit longer.

Linda Lamont on January 09 2018 at 06:44AM

Hi, I’ve been using 6 products for around a month now and absolutely love love love them all. I’m not a big cream cleanser fan and would love it if you did a cleansing wash safe for eyes and removing eye make up and/or a separate eye make up remover? However I’ve adjusted my routine and use the cleanser, toner, eye serum, face serum, moisturiser and lip balm and they are all fabulous! They all smell devine and my favourite 3 are the two serums and the lip balm, such a big pot of that too, will last me ages! My skin is softer, less congestion and fewer breakouts, yes! even at over 50 I can still suffer from the odd angry spot, but my new HighBorn regime sees them off sharpish. My makeup goes on better and stays looking fresh much longer, all in all I’m very satisfied, no, Delighted with the range and will be replenishing individual items as they run low. Congratulations on a beautiful range and I wish you continued success and most of all the best of health xxxxx

Yvonne Goouge on January 03 2018 at 08:44PM

I have just received my products having had my initial order seemingly go astray. When I reported this to Tracey she immediately dispatched another order without question; amazing service!
Yesterday both orders arrived together and so I have returned one. I can’t comment on the product results yet but if the first application is anything to go by I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.
I’ll comment again in a couple of weeks but in the meantime I would like to thank Tracey and her team for responding so quickly by sending out a second order.

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