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I was over the moon when Claire wrote in to tell me she had completely changed all her skincare to HIGHBORN after discovering the Four Phase Collection just a few months ago. Totally wow'd by her amazing skin, her energy and her passion for skincare, she just HAD to become an Ambassador to share with you her latest discoveries and results ...

And [dare I say it] with the festive season not too far away, she's here to tell you about her newfound love for LIPS. But take note, Superior Lip Butter and Organic Lip Glosses sell out quickly. Demand is always high. So if you want to guarantee yourself gorgeous lips before the rush, now's the time to grab yours.

But before you go, take a few mins to get to know Claire and how she has transformed her eye area and more with her HIGHBORN must-haves ...

 Hi! Where to start, well, I'm 62. I’ve always been an active outdoor sporty person - walking, skiing, riding. I’m very aware of the toll that the elements can take on your skin and I have always taken care to always moisturise thoroughly.

I have tried so many different creams over the years; a lot of which are heavy and ‘drag’ your skin which is not what we want ...

I discovered HIGHBORN earlier this year. I ordered the Four Phase Face and Lip Collection plus the Night Elixir. I was very quickly completely converted and have now graduated to the superb Crystal Cleanser, Diamond TonerOrganic Lip Glosses and the Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil

I find Imperial Moisturiser very light with a wonderful ‘mousse’ like quality. No unwanted dragging! But for me, the biggest change I've noticed has been my eyes. The amazing Imperial Eye Gel has given me the confidence to once again wear contact lenses. I was dreadfully conscious of the puffiness and wrinkling around my eye area and resorted to constantly wearing glasses. No longer!

I feel more confident and no longer feel the need to cover up. The results were virtually instant and once again, better than any previous creams or gels previously used (and I’ve tried a lot!).

I love all of my HIGHBORNs but I’m completely in love with the Superior Lip Butter. As I have grown older, I feel as if my lips have become thin and constantly demand moisturising ...

Superior Lip Butter has solved this problem completely, keeping them moist for longer and giving me the impression that they feel so much plumper. I also apply it under the gorgeous Organic Lip Gloss which makes my colour last for so much longer.

I honestly can't recommend the HIGHBORN range enough! I am so pleased with the results and I love supporting Tracey and a brand helping to fight against breast cancer, not using any nasties and never testing on animals.

I can’t ever see me using any other products, ever again!

Thank you!

Claire x


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