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Never Give Up! What Dreams Will Die With You?

My inner self ripped out of my body, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and ran, dragged, hauled me 50, 60 years into the future, sat me in front of my whole life just before it was over and said:

'We came to to you! ... We! ... your dreams, hopes, talents, abilities came to you ... and you didn't use us ... you waited ... you let us fall by the wayside ... you didn't take us and deliver everything you have to the world ... and now we may disappear with you ... forever ... ' 

That's what it felt like when I was told I had breast cancer at 34.

I had over many years got comfortable ... and I let the corner of doubt, the creep of negativity the hunger of FEAR start to nibble away at my hopes and dreams.

When that happens to you; ask yourself this:

"If you die today what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts, would die with you?"

If there is one untaken action that you could take today to start your journey to your ideas, dreams, abilities, talents and gifts then WHY are you still waiting?!


The number one reason people give up on their dreams. The reason they settle for a life without ever quite igniting their fire and delivering to the world all they have to offer is simple ...


And what are you afraid of?

Are you:

Afraid you’ll fail?

Afraid you won’t make enough money?

Afraid people will laugh at you?

You and I are afraid of all those things, and yet we don’t realise that the fear itself is paralysing us, and causing our dreams to die with us.

So how do you overcome that fear?

1. Realise the main reason people don't act on their dreams is they fear failure.

2. Realise failure is NOT your enemy. Failure isn't that bad and in fact if you look at times you have failed you'll see they always end in progress!

3. Your REAL enemy is the UNCERTAINTY, the FEAR of failure ... that's what's holding you back!


Because when you fear failing you end up not doing anything! 

You end up parking your dreams.

You end up accepting things as they are.

You even end up justifying your own inaction!


Time will not wait for you. I wish it would but no, it marches on ... 

But when you realise failure is not the real enemy but rather your true enemy is uncertainty it becomes much easier to embrace and GET GOING!

Take the uncertainty.

Hold it in your hands.

Look at it.

Feel it.

Embrace it.

Understand what the best and the worst things that could happen are and realise it's very likely to be somewhere in the middle.

Then, you have a much clearer, more reasoned picture to FOCUS on your true desires, your dreams your goals and start TAKING ACTION!

You see ... nothing happens until something moves.

And THE most powerful force to whiz you to what you want is ACTION.

Action creates genius, power and magic!

So take ACTION TODAY no matter how small ...

Take one action toward your true dreams ... 

Don't risk leaving your ideas, your dreams, your leadership, your talents, your voice, your book, your art or whatever it may be behind. Don't let them die with you.

Give them life TODAY and enjoy them. Or if you prefer, don't. You may be quite happy as you are; and there's nothing wrong with that. It's up to you ...

Talk soon,

Tracey x



Suzi Mussell on August 19 2020 at 01:12PM

Yes, yes, yes. Living my dreams every day!

Christine on March 13 2019 at 09:44AM

Tracey, I was feeling that I wasn’t getting anywhere, then I read your blog and realised that the fact was due to my own negativity.
Thank you for inspiring me to move onwards and upwards.

Linda Rowe on March 12 2018 at 05:45AM

Hi Tracey

You are such an inspiration to others, your positivity is truly uplifting ?
Thank you for sharing x

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