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"This has made such a difference in just TWO WEEKS!"




Say hello to Helen! I cannot believe this amazing woman has the time and energy to share with us her HIGHBORN experiences as our new Ambassador. But for Helen, HIGHBORN means so much more than just skincare.

HIGHBORN is her self-care, her confidence-booster and her escape time. Battling chronic illnesses, which left her in a wheelchair for years, she's now back on her feet and grabbing life by the horns. I am beyond honoured that HIGHBORN is a part of Helen's journey! 

And WOW, just look at her skin! Today she brings us her first view [and a top tip!] on the sell-out Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil ... thank you so much Helen, over to you superwoman!


I'm Helen. Like many of you, I found HIGHBORN just at the right time. I'm a trained performer and lecturer in musical theatre and dance. I danced professionally for years only to be struck down by several bouts of illness.

Skin cancer, endometriosis, severe fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and hyper-mobility of the joints. Left in a wheelchair and unable to get out of bed, my confidence, career and independence were shattered. I thought things couldn't get any worse, but they did. I sadly lost my father to cancer.

I was left devastated and exhausted. Things had to change. I had to start taking control of what I could to get my life and happiness back. It had been too long. I started to swim. Within months I was taking a few steps out of my wheelchair.

After some time, with the aid of walking sticks and surrounded by my family, I managed to complete a walking trail around Black Tor on Dartmoor. A major victory to say the least!

I will always have chronic pain and fatigue, but I will not let it stop me from achieving my goals. I realised I needed to pay more attention to my self-care and I came across HIGHBORN.

I took the plunge and ordered the 7 Phase Ultimate Collection. They were incredible! The smell, the difference in my skin, not to mention how they lifted my spirits.

I loved the brand and the products so much I applied to become an Ambassador! Something I never would've considered this time last year.

I've recently been experimenting with the Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil. It's AMAZING! So warming and soothing on my skin. It sinks in beautifully and it's really hydrating. It smells incredible too with a natural, spicy scent. You only need the tiniest amount.

In just TWO WEEKS it's made such a difference. I have no make-up on in this video! My complexion is clear and even and my skin feels full of life!

And I've discovered a little tip ... I love to take a few drops of the oil and mix it with the Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum. It feels like a mini pamper! Try it!

Thank you for listening. I love this community. I'm so happy to be a HIGHBORN Ambassador and I hope you find my views and tips useful! I'm looking forward to sharing the next one!


Helen x


Hilary Parkinson-Kemp on January 29 2021 at 04:54PM

Wow, just wow. I am completely in awe of this amazing lady. The journey she is on is just incredible, one inspirational lady, I take my hat off to her.
I have also started to extend my skincare range with Highborn, and it has to be the best investment in my skin I have ever done. The results are nothing short of fabulous and they work pretty much straight away.
I feel like they are not just products for your skin but they enrich your well being, the smell alone is divine and you feel like you are on a sun drenched beachsomewhere, all those fabulous holiday smells wrapped into one magic bottle x

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