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  Whether it’s Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day, if it’s a special occasion you want your skin to look your best. Nobody likes to wake up on the day of a special date or dinner with a huge spot staring right back at them in the mirror!   Here’s how to prep for that day so that when you wake up your skin is fresh, smooth, soft and radiant. Start prepping a week or so in advance, and don’t wait until the night before the big day! Cleanse Regularly - This is the...

  Are looks superficial?Shouldn’t we forget about how we look? Aren't there more important things to worry about? It's not quite that simple ... Thankfully we're all different and we all see beauty differently and we all feel differently about ourselves. For me, it's about FEELING my best. Because when I FEEL my best I GIVE my best.The phrase 'Be your own kind of beautiful' I think sums it up. Because that's what it is ... YOUR kind of beautiful and not what someone else thinks or sees.  There’s no harm in...