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Simple Yet Effective Lip Routine

With a little bit of effort, lip care is easy! 
There is beauty in simplicity. A simple routine can make a huge difference.
If your lips are in need of some care, and you’re not sure what to do, here’s your short but sweet guide to lip care.
First Step:
Do a lip scrub once to twice per week. If you’re busy, set a particular day in the week, like a Saturday to make sure this stays in your lip care routine.
Second Step:
Use a lip butter or a lip balm daily. This should be a part of your daily routine. Put it on before you leave the house, and before you go to bed. Re-apply throughout the day if necessary.
Third Step:
Sun screen isn’t just for the face, but for the lips as well. Keep the delicate skin on your lips protected at all times.
Fourth Step:
The final and one of the best steps. Add some colour. Nothing completes a nurturing lip routine as some colour or shine. Our new organic lip gloss will ensure you have a go-to gloss that will make sure your lips stay hydrated. Unlike other lip glosses we’ve made sure that ours is organic and doesn’t dehydrate your lips.
Keeping your lips beautiful isn’t a difficult or demanding task, in fact.
It’s quite pleasurable.
As with any other routine, consistency is key and yield results.
So keep your lips smooth and shine on. x


Laura on March 07 2020 at 09:54PM

Hello. Love your company’s message. I have used lipstick forever, just can’t afford to try anything else tbh. My lips split so often, despite using lypsyl all the time since being a teenager. If I don’t put it on they get so sore. Dry eyes too since being unwell. My best wishes for your health and your family x

Carron Tipper on March 07 2020 at 09:54PM

Just made my first order for the eye serum! Looking forward to trying this product and really hope it will works for me.
Keep doing what you are doing Tracey, you’re an inspiration!!

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