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Seasonal Skincare - Time for Change?

Have your favourite skincare products, that you simply reach for over and over again?

Life gets too busy sometimes to stop and think about what we’re using and whether it actually works in our favour. 

When Autumn months come along, I tend to layer up my sweaters and sweatshirts, yet, not until a couple of years ago did I start thinking about my skin at Autumn. At least, I haven’t been thinking in the right way. 

So, we bundle ourselves up, get cosy and embrace the layers, enjoy the delicate music of the leaves rustling on the pavement, but we do nothing for our skin? That simply isn’t logical. Especially, if you’re a skincare lover like I am. 

Of course, your skin needs a change. It’s craving it, actually. Even though you may not see summer damage, remember the devil is in the details. Sometimes, the scariest things happen in the deepest layers of our skin and resurface only a couple of years later. 

So I want to advise you to update your skincare regime from summer to autumn. Bolster your skincare routine so that it’s smart and it works for you, but you’re not overwhelmed with massive changes or unnecessary expenses. 

Let’s start off with what you should know beforehand, and what to pay attention to. Sort of like your own little self-analysis guide. 

Signs That Your Skin Needs Change

Have you spotted...

  • Dry, flaky skin? 
  • Uncomfortable and tight skin that you’d rather slip out of? 
  • Dry skin around the eyes (drier than usual)?
  • Dull and lackluster skin? 

These are all definite signs that your skin needs something else. Whether it’s different ingredients or stronger formulas, make sure you’re paying attention to what your skin is telling you. 

What to Watch Out For When Making the Change

The spotlight falls on moisturising. Creams take the cake when it comes to Autumn skincare. It’s all about barrier function support and giving your skin the proper defence it needs against all the outside aggressors. Make sure none of your products are still in the summer vibes (mattifying and stripping skin of necessary oils). 

Add on to the Basics

Some people will only need to add to their routine, with products that are going to provide the necessary care your skin needs during different weather. What you switch out, might not necessarily be something your best friend switches out in her routine and vice versa. 

Subtle Switches

You have sensitive skin and tend to react horribly to new products? Take it easy. No need to stress out. If your skin is sensitive, yet your beauty routine requires adjustment, make sure you switch out one product at a time. With sensitive skin, it’s important to ease into new products and give your skin some time to adjust. Something like our new 100% Organic Hydration Gel could be just the trick.

Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch.

If you already have an Autumn routine set up, good for you. If not, be patient. It takes some time to see the results and won't happen overnight. 

In the next blog, you’ll be able to read and pick up a number of Autumn skincare tips, the dos and the don’ts of Autumn skincare. 

Talk soon, Tracey x


Elizabeth Aitken on October 09 2019 at 03:35PM

I am 68 years old and have never really looked after my skin. Since seeing a friend on facebook liking your products, I decided to try the toner, have now ordered the crystal cleanser and have bought the lip butter. My goodness what a difference. Love your blogs. Thank you x

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