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"My skin is the BEST it's ever been - I seriously love these..."



Braving your bare face to thousands of people across the world probably isn't within most people's comfort zones. No matter how amazing your skin is. But Ambassador Louise doesn't give it a second's thought since discovering HIGHBORN over two years ago. Confident in her own skin and, in her own words, loving her "brighter, tighter" appearance.

I truly believe there's nothing more beautiful than your natural self. So today I am truly celebrating Louise for rocking her beautiful bare skin! And for Louise to thank HIGHBORN for helping really means the world to me!

But the thanks is on me Louise! I'm so grateful you're our Ambassador to inspire us all with your confidence!

Enough from me ... let's hear which HIGHBORNs Louise has fallen in love with ...


Over the years I took my skin for granted but when I hit my 40's I started to notice a few lines. I stumbled across videos and photos of women with beautiful bright skin on social media ... they were HIGHBORN customers.

I did my research and ordered the 4 Phase Face and Lip Care Collection and I was hooked! They all smell divine, they feel amazing and I can't believe they all actually work!

I have two firm favourites that I simply couldn't be without. The Imperial Eye Gel and Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum [Revive & Defy Set]. They've made such a difference to me ... my 'laughter lines' are less noticeable ... my skin feels tighter and brighter.

These HIGHBORNs have changed the way I face the day ... they've given me so much confidence and I can now proudly go without make-up! And yes, I do still wear make-up on occasion, but now it's because I like to sometimes, rather than feeling like I need to.

My skin is in the best condition it's ever been in and I've just turned 44! I've shared these with my friends and I've also got my Mum using them too! She also swears by them.

The brighter my skin became, the more I wanted to look after myself and so I started a healthier lifestyle. And here I am today as a HIGHBORN Ambassador!

Who knew looking good could make you feel so good on the inside?! 

THANK YOU HIGHBORN! Keep doing what you're doing ... you have empowered me!

Louise x


Maureen Knight on April 28 2021 at 11:33AM

I’m useing Highbourn For the first time the eyegel is great line dark circles and puffiness look much better ive tried the serum and face cream really lovely I have a problem with white heads not sure if it was the cream I was using but I havent had anymore

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