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Mistakes Your Skin Will Hold a Grudge Over

While your skin will reward you for treating it well, it can be as petty as your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend when you’ve done it wrong! Your skin remembers and won’t let it go. It probably won’t forgive you either.

Sounds like a mini horror story, doesn’t it? 

No need to stress out, because you can avoid it.

Which skin ‘sins’ are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing? Let’s start off with one of the major ones. Sunscreen. 

A Quick Run in the Sun

We have all done it. You probably have as well. You’re rushing out of the house and hopping into your car. You’re thinking you’re just going to the store quickly or to pick up the kids from soccer. It’s fine. I don’t need sunscreen. I’m not tanning or anything… Erm, wrong. This is the first skin error you’re making, and it’s a big one. 

Not only is sun the main culprit of skin aging, it’s also tied to skin cancer. We advise you to apply your skincare 15 minutes before you go outside. Every single time. Think of all the 30 minutes to an hour you spent out in the sun… multiply it with thousands of days… The damage adds up. 

ZzZz with Makeup

Napping or sleeping with makeup is again, an ultimate sin. Yes, you’re probably guilty of this, but you’re not alone. But just because the majority is doing it, doesn’t mean your skin is going to give a mass pardon to everyone! All jokes aside, your skin needs to breathe and release all the dirt and oils throughout the night. If your skin is on top of it all, it won’t have a choice but to store all the nasties in your pores. 

Treat All Areas of Skin the Same 

This would be a huge no. Some people experience oiliness in their T zone. But then dry patches on their cheeks. Some people will have clogged, huge pores but otherwise dry skin. Skin is complex. And it should be treated accordingly. Not all areas of the face require the same care. For example, if you struggle with acne on your chin, you won’t apply salicylic acid on your entire face, as it isn’t necessary. Use specific skincare for specific areas. 

Skipping Moisturiser

A lot of times we hear the same old excuse: MY SKIN IS OILY. The fact that your skin produces oil doesn’t equate to it being satiated. In fact, quite the opposite. Oily skin needs water. Hydration. Moisture. It needs it really bad. Don’t skip moisturiser. There’s absolutely no excuse for skipping it. And your skin will hold an eternal grudge against you. Just a friendly warning.

Picking Your Skin

As we go down this list, we’re feeling more and more…’passionate’ about certain skin mistakes. We all have that friend that, against all better judgement, keeps picking at acne and blemishes. She simply can’t help it. If you want to stop your skin from acting out, stop provoking it! Don’t touch your face, don’t scratch it and forget about going into Dr Pimple Popper mode. 

True, there are all kinds of skincare mistakes we make throughout our life...The important thing is we learn from most of them. While your skin won’t mind you experiment with new products usually, if you do all the above mentioned regularly, the damage will be irreversible. 

Love your skin. Treat it well. And it will love you back! 

Have a great weekend, Tracey x


Sarah Blundell on June 11 2020 at 03:05PM

I think I remember reading some of your products contain SPF/sunscreen, but I would definitely be encouraged to buy more if all of your face day moisturisers and gels contained it?

Maggi Provan on June 11 2020 at 03:05PM

Wondered if you’re introducing a factor yourself Tracy?

Karen norton on June 11 2020 at 03:05PM

Does your moisturiser contain SPF?. I’m currently using it an assumed it did have but I’m now wondering if I need to add an SPF as well?

Jacqueline Scuse on June 11 2020 at 03:05PM

I love your products but being fair skinned it would be lovely if your day moisture contained an SP factor

Laura Ramsey on May 22 2020 at 06:31PM

Just wanted to know if your moisturiser contains SPF?
Thank you

Tasha on May 17 2020 at 12:01PM

I have oily like greasy skin then it can be dry and I always sweat around my hairline under my eyes and nose and I’ve got loads of blackeheads I cnt get rid of I’m like a real dot to dot I’ve got wrinkles and fine lines and I feel my chin is a bit wobbly know what kit would u recommend me please and what cream could I use after a dermaroller

Narinder Sandhu on March 22 2020 at 02:43PM

Hello does your moisturises contain any SPF factor?

Kind regards

Julie Goakes on March 22 2020 at 02:43PM

Does your day moisturiser contain a sunscreen?

Kelly-Anne Tomlinson-Docherty on March 22 2020 at 02:43PM

I would also add:
- not adapting your routine to your core skin needs as over time, the needs will change which could be a factor of aging, environment, hormones, illness etc if you don’t adapt, your skin will find it harder to recover.
- Not having a skincare routine leaves your skin open to issues down the line. Having a routine will greatly benefit the look and feel of your skin and the overall health. This should include vitamins and eating nutrient rich meals.

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