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"It's beautifully transforming" ... discover Rachael's secret to revived eyes



Today, I bring you Rachael! Our super active, super gorgeous, superhero Ambassador (she's a precious Doctor and still smiling)! I was delighted when Rachael joined our Ambassador Program. There's so much we're planning to bring you in the New Year!

But for now, get to know her a little more and watch her video to discover which HIGHBORNs she's "addicted to" ... over to you Rachael ...

Well, I’m a local GP in a pretty North Yorkshire village. A job I totally love (most of the time!) … and yes I live where I work! I’m married with 3 sons (Sam, Tom and Ben). From a very close-knit family with 4 talented siblings and very energetic and inspirational parents.

Before discovering HIGHBORN I didn’t make much time for skincare. But now HIGHBORN has become my firm routine that I look forward to at the beginning and the end of every day...

It’s such a pleasure and makes me feel so comforted and refreshed. Not to mention the visible benefits! I’ll come back to that …

A little bit more about me ... I love all physical challenges … running, climbing, boot camps, playing tennis. These are my essential “me time” to lift my spirits and energy levels. I try to use my physical interests to raise money for charity with half marathons and mountain climbs.

Since finding HIGHBORN, skincare has become and important part of my "me time" too.

I discovered HIGHBORN about 8 months ago during my search for a new eye cream to tackle my dark circles and fine lines. HIGHBORN caught my eye because of the organic ingredients and the fact it was all British-made.

Tracey’s story amazed me. How she recognised the need to make products that make you feel better at times when life doesn’t always run the way you had planned it! Such an inspiration and I was sold.

Anyhow, I took the plunge and purchased the Imperial Eye Gel. It’s become my number one skincare must-have! It’s beautifully transforming for dark circles and fine lines … soothing, hydrating and restoring my eye area. It sinks in beautifully and is such a fantastic boost.

I feel so much more revived after a long shift thanks to this. My dark circles are much less noticeable and my skin no longer feels tight and stressed. It’s everything I was hoping for and I take mine everywhere with me.

I’ve since gone on to try the Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum, the Natural Luminosity Body Butter (which I love for my neck area) and much more! I love everything and wouldn’t be without my HIGHBORN range.

I’ve even saved up my empty eye gel jars ... so I can fill them with serum and moisturiser for travel sizes when staying away!

I’m so glad to have discovered HIGHBORN and to be a part of the team. I just LOVE how Tracey clearly wants to give women more confidence in their own skin. And if I can help with that too then GREAT!

Thank you Tracey for bringing me and many others HIGHBORN!

Rachael x

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