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A "little bottle of magic"... introducing HIGHBORN Ambassador Deborah


New Ambassador Deborah bravely reveals how HIGHBORN helped her through the toughest time in her life.

After only a few weeks of using HIGHBORN, Deborah's friends and family were already commenting on her glow! 

Watch her video ABOVE and discover the HIGHBORN "saviours" which transformed her skin and restored her confidence...we feel utterly privileged to have Deborah as an Ambassador...and her journey is certainly one to inspire many!

Here's Deborah .... xxxx

So, I'm 43 although I still think I'm 21!

I’ve been happily married for 19 years. 

My husband and I met while he was in the army and I was doing my nurse training.

I'm now an Advanced Practitioner for an acute medical team.

You can just imagine my devastation when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the height of my career, just over two years ago. I thought I would never laugh or smile again but I quickly made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be miserable and made the most of each day. That was just the beginning though...

A few more hurdles along the way...

The diagnosis of the BRACA gene, a further mastectomy, hysterectomy and ovaries whipped out, a bowel obstruction from the surgery, oh, and a dose of thyroid cancer for Christmas...

BUT I’m now back at work!

So the last 2.5 years have been a whirlwind. I might go in the Guinness Book of Records for the most operations in 2 years (5 in total)! But through it all my motto has been to live, love and laugh a lot!

I’ve always taken pride in looking after my skin. I don't think there is a product out there I haven’t tried (LOL). My husband just shakes his head when he sees another package arrive. 

During my chemo my skin was awful.

All the hormone changes and drugs meant my skin was so sore and everything I applied stung like mad! It made me feel awful so I Googled "cancer, chemo and skin care" and at last I found HIGHBORN!

The Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum was my skin's saviour and I’ve used it everyday since. Within just a few weeks people were even commenting that my skin was glowing! 

I certainly didn’t expect those sorts of comments given I was being pumped full of chemo.

With no hair, no eyebrows and no eyelashes I felt like my face was on display so not to have nice looking/feeling skin was really getting me down.

The Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum was really such a confidence booster after just a few applications - it will always remain my go-to product. I've also recently started using the Imperial Eye Gel - such an important area now we all have to hide behind masks! And again, people are already noticing and commenting!

The fact HIGHBORN helps towards supporting breast cancer is always going to make me hold a torch for these products - but the other main reasons are they are affordable and they actually work!

Finally, I love how Tracey is so down to earth and is a person that many women can relate to. It keeps the product real and I am delighted to be a part of HIGHBORN! 

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