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Instant complexion perfection...our NEWEST ORGANIC HIGHBORN!


There’s so much to tell you about our NEW Organic Tinted Moisturiser! Where would you like me to start?...


And the waitlist is OPEN!

It could be just what you need right now. An instant, dewy, radiant glow. With the exquisite skin care you’d expect from a HIGHBORN.

And...wait for from the sun too!

No, I’ve not gone mad. Yes, it is winter here in the UK. But did you know…even when it’s cloudy, around 80% of the sun’s rays can still get through...and absorbed by your skin! All year round! And SNOW can even reflect up to 80% of UV rays too…

But, you don’t need a lecture from me on the health risks and ageing caused by the sun. 

So yes, SPF is an essential...every season. So here's your first HIGHBORN with SPF. The new Organic Tinted Moisturiser...with SPF 25.

Perfect for that little bit more "safe" social contact we’re all holding out. Perfect if you, like me, want a natural lightweight coverage. Not the heavy, cakey make-up look. Perfect if you want to instantly even-out and boost your complexion. AND know you're getting the very best care and ingredients for your skin.

Age-defying, rejuvenating, balancing skin tone...and so much more you'll be hooked. But, your time is precious so head here now and get in line for a gorgeous glowing complexion this Christmas with our amazing NEW Organic Tinted Moisturiser...

You're going to LOVE it! Join the wait list now and unlock more exclusive information!

Keep your eyes out for the big announcement...

Tracey xxxx

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