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How To Use Your Facial Oil Like A Pro - By Leanna Biggs



I’m a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist. PLUS Mum to two challenging monkeys! I didn’t officially train to do makeup/hair professionally until my late 30s and so skincare wasn’t really on my radar for a long time.

However, in the past seven years I’ve grown into a bit of a product junkie as I not only love trying different lotions and potions, I’m paranoid about ageing badly! If your skin is in a good place you feel more confident and makeup looks even better (and you need less of it too).  

I’m very lucky in that I've never had any major skin issues. But running my own business, alongside my young children, life can be stressful and hectic. I came across HIGHBORN a couple of years ago when I was looking for new cruelty-free, natural anti-ageing products to try.

I can honestly say that since using HIGHBORN consistently I’ve never had so many compliments on my skin. It does what it says and feels really good too!

The eye gel is the best I’ve found (and I’ve tried a lot!) - I love the texture plus it keeps the delicate skin in that area so well hydrated. The wrinkles around my eyes aren’t ever going to disappear, but I don’t feel like they’re getting dramatically worse which is obviously a bonus!

But today I'm here to talk to you about the Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil which I've been using for a few weeks now. I've always been a bit sceptical about facial oils. But this is the least oily oil I've ever tried.

I'm a complete convert. It's AMAZING!

The thing I've noticed the most is that my skin is glowing! It smells citrusy which is really nice and it's not overpowering. 

After I've cleansed, I put on my eye gel and then my beauty serum. Then my moisturiser. Leaving a little break in between each of those steps to let it settle in and get to work.

I then pop a little bit of oil into the palm of my hands [you really don't need much] and rub together. I then gently press it into my skin. And whilst it may look oily at first, trust me, give it a minute and it sinks beautifully!

I'm a huge fan and I promise you, you will be impressed too! Give it a go!


Leanna x


Janis Gerami on February 27 2021 at 11:11PM

I am a big fan of facial oils so very interested in hearing about the Highborn one. Watching Leanna do her routine & commenting on this product is great & she’s very honest.. Like the sound of it being light non greasy & smells of citrus Perfect 👌!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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