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How Much Skincare Product You Should Use For Best Results

Not sure if you’re using too little, or even too much, of your favourite skincare product? Then our guide is just what you need to find your products’ sweet spots and improve your results… And if you have been a bit heavy-handed and got through your HIGHBORN quickly, now's the time to stock up with 15% OFF this weekend only in our FLASH May Day Sale. Just head here or add discount code FLASH15 at checkout.

Do you love smothering your skin with oceans of moisturiser? Reckon that by applying more eye gel than advised, it’ll work on your lines and wrinkles faster... and better? Well, you could not be more wrong.

In actual fact, the general rule with skincare – sun protection aside – is less is more. Anything above and beyond could not only compromise the health of your skin, but is as good as pouring money down the drain. When you hear our Ambassadors say “a little goes a long way,” they couldn’t be more accurate.

If you’re not sure exactly how much of your trusted skincare products you should be applying, here’s a quick guide to some of your HIGHBORN favourites…

Crystal Cleanser

Crystal Cleanser comes with a handy pump making it super easy to use exactly the right amount. We recommend two pumps, which should be ideal to gently but effectively cleanse both your face and neck. If you’re also cleansing your décolletage, add an extra pump to this area, too.

Diamond Toner

Toners are often packaged in open-top bottles which makes it tricky to know how much to use. Diamond Toner, however, comes in a spray bottle, meaning you can control the amount you use and spritz it straight onto your skin, eliminating wasteful cotton wool. Two small spritzes should be just perfect. You don’t want your face dripping in toner!

Imperial Eye Gel

Always err on the side of caution with eye treatments as too much product can overload the thin, delicate skin around your eyes. Imperial Eye Gel is pumped full of natural, organic ingredients which are very kind to your skin, but still, no more than a pea-sized amount should be plenty to treat the skin around both of your eyes.

Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum

While Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum is extremely lightweight, it contains powerful active ingredients like fruit acids, retinol and vitamin C, so don’t use too much. A pea-sized amount – typically one pump – for your face and neck will do the job nicely. And again, if you like to smooth serum over your décolletage, use a tiny bit more, but don’t be too heavy-handed.

We didn't introduce our super-sized Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum for you to overload your face. It's purely here to last you longer for the best value and convenience.

Imperial Moisturiser

We know it’s tempting to scoop up the biggest amount of face cream from our jar of decadent Imperial Moisturiser, but trust us, a little goes a very long way. We recommend roughly the size of a £1 coin or enough to cover the tip of your middle finger  to evenly moisturise your entire face and neck. The same goes for Night Elixir

Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil

When it comes to our Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil one or two drops, warmed between the palms of your hands, will be the perfect amount to cover your entire face. Again, if you like to include your neck and décolletage, a third drop might be your sweet spot, but this exquisite oil is extremely precious, so don’t go mad or your skin will struggle to absorb any excess and you’ll be left wondering what all the hype is about!

Finally, 3 Golden Rules To Remember

1. Always Read Your Labels

Skincare packaging always includes instructions for use, so don’t dismiss them. These have been included for a reason; to inform you on how best to use your product for the most effective results. If a product recommends using one pump twice daily, switching it up to two pumps once a day is not going to give you the same results. It just won’t. In fact, it will likely set you back, leading to irritations, breakouts and even flakiness. 

2. Know That Your Skin Type Shouldn’t Sway How Much You Use

If your skin is dry, applying double the amount of face cream is not going to give you more moisturised skin. In fact, it’s just wasteful. If you feel like your skin needs more moisturisation, you’ve most likely got the wrong product or could benefit from adding a pre-moisturising serum or facial oil to your routine, instead.

Similarly, if you have oily skin, don’t scrimp on face cream simply because the wrong formulation is making your skin feel weighed down with product. Switch to a lighter moisturiser, perhaps Organic Hydration Gel, and use the correct amount as directed. And don’t forget, a facial oil can actually help counteract overproduction of sebum, soo don’t fear it – try it and see.

3. Apply Excess Product To Your Hands Or Décolletage

If you do end up with too much moisturiser, serum or facial oil on your hands (it’s OK, it happens), apply any excess to your neck, décolletage, backs of your hands or elbows. In fact, any area of skin you can reach will love you for it!

Spreading the anti-ageing love is way better than overloading and damaging the skin on your face. Now head here to shop 15% OFF this weekend only >> 


Rose-marie phillips on May 04 2021 at 09:43PM

I absolutely love your products I won’t use anything else . Love love love them.
I have used many products in the past and I can honestly say these are the best 😃😃😃

May Branson on April 28 2021 at 10:59AM

I have used Highborn products for about 2 years, have always used it sparingly a d I love the products I wont buy a ything else.

Berenice on April 28 2021 at 10:59AM

Thank you so much for this blog. It’s so easy to not use the right amount of product so this is a huge help!

Lynne Dixon on April 27 2021 at 12:39PM

Thank you for the advice. I didn’t realise you could spritz the toner straight onto your face. I definitely will be trying that now. I love using your products and am looking forward to receiving the tinted moisturiser.

Prue Hopkins on April 26 2021 at 10:31PM

I’m enjoying using the serum and moisturisers on my face and neck. My skin as got more colour and looks more fresh. I feel I can go out without make up sometimes now.

Sue Green on April 26 2021 at 10:31PM

I have been obviously using excess serum as I got through the pump dispenser in record time!!
However I found that a lot of the product was left in the neck and bottom of the bottle, I was about to throw it out and decided it was too expensive to just rid of it.I got a cotton bud and used it to wipe round the neck of the bottle and the base of the bottle, there was loads left, I’ve now bought the jar! Hopefully it will last me longer, thanks for a beautiful product, the ones I have are all amazing!! X

Sue Goulborn on April 26 2021 at 10:31PM

Thank you for this information, I have been using too much product, especially the Serum. Having this in writing will encourage me to stick to the plan. I really enjoy using your products.

Cynthia Weedon on April 26 2021 at 10:31PM

Simply informative -thank you.
For the eye gel I use the tip of my third finger and share with the other third finger. Amount is just right!

Sandra Taylor on April 26 2021 at 10:31PM

Thank you very helpful

Dawn Addison on April 26 2021 at 02:13PM

Thankyou for this info, I have been putting too much on both my eyes and face so your recommendation is priceless x

Gillian Mitchell on April 26 2021 at 02:13PM

That is excellent advice and not something often mentioned by other beauty companies! In fact I found a very small amount of HighBorn eye serum worked perfectly. Many thanks for your lovely products.

Jochelle on April 26 2021 at 02:13PM

Very helpful information on the correct usage of the Highborn products

Diana Bassett on April 26 2021 at 02:13PM

Thank you for this information as when I received my first order I was using the products sparingly in fact in a very similar way to described above. But when I received my second order and still had loads of the first remaining I thought now I could use a little more. Strangely I did feel happier using it sparingly. Once again thank you for wonderful skincare I love it

Susan Craighill on April 26 2021 at 02:13PM

Very helpful. Thank you.

Dawn Reader on April 26 2021 at 02:13PM

It sounds good advice, I always let mine dry before i apply the next, I’m always unsure about the eye area. I use tip of middle finger and dot dab it , as I have bags

Julie Treadway on April 26 2021 at 02:12PM

Thank you really useful information. I was taught as a teenager not to use too much of any cream/lotion. However specific
suggestion of actual size of amount to use
Is very helpful.

Wendy Edgell on April 26 2021 at 02:12PM

Very happy so far with my eye gel, serum and moisturiser. It’s only been two weeks but I’m already thinking of ordering the cleanser as well. Have used another good brand for many years and never thought I would change. But here I am using Highborn and a happy lady!

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