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Why You Should Never Ignore Your Décolletage Area

If there’s one piece of skincare advice you’d offer your younger self, we bet that looking after your neck and décolletage would be right up there with the importance of sun protection. Are we right, or are we right?

You see, the skin on your décolletage is basically an extension of your face and neck and is equally as exposed to the elements. And whatever your skincare regime entails for your face, you need to make it work for your neck and décolletage too. Here’s how ……

Your Décolletage: Explained

Defined by the area between the bottom of your earlobes and the top of your nipples, the skin on your décolletage is, anatomically speaking, quite different from that on your face.

It contains very little subsurface fat, which makes it thinner and more delicate than your face. It also contains fewer hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands which adds an extra level of sensitivity and dryness. 

Due to its delicate structure, one thing’s for certain, a disregarded décolletage will show the visible signs of ageing in no time.

How To Care For Your Décolletage Area

Nobody wants a décolletage that looks ten years older than their face, so here’s your three-step guide to caring for this fragile area. 

1. Exfoliate

One of the most effective ways to smooth lines, fade discolouration and promote healthy skin turnover is to regularly exfoliate your décolletage area. Exfoliation provides a deep cleansing action, while removing surface debris and sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal fresher, healthier, more radiant skin. Just what the skin doctor ordered for your gorgeous chest area.

As we previously mentioned, however, this area of skin is super fragile, so you must be gentle as you exfoliate. Apply Natural Luminosity Scrub to damp skin and work it in smooth circular motions all over, using a delicate touch and not too much pressure in order to reduce drag and minimise potential damage. 

2. Treat

While the skin on your décolletage is slightly different to that on your face, this doesn’t mean active ingredients can’t be equally as effective for hydrating, protecting and boosting collagen production – which is vital to prevent the visible signs of ageing.

However, as your chest is more sensitive, you should always patch test new products before use and stick with one curated serum followed by moisturiser, rather than tens of lotions and potions that could irritate your skin and compromise your all-important barrier function.

Twice daily, cleanse with Crystal Cleanser and tone with Diamond Toner just as you would your face, then apply Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum all over. And don’t worry about needing loads of product – just a few extra drops should be plenty to cover your décolletage. 

Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum contains a gentle form of retinol called retinyl palmitate, as well as soothing vitamin E, hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C and a whole host of essential oils to nourish and moisturise.

It’s the perfect treatment for your delicate décolletage area and an ideal pre-bedtime treatment to help reduce lines, wrinkles and other ageing woes. Follow with Natural Luminosity Body Butter for the ultimate in moisturisation. 

3. Protect

We all know the damaging effects from the sun, but do you extend your daily SPF to your décolletage too? UV radiation produces free radicals in your skin which breaks down vital collagen, elastin and DNA, causing all manner of textural and pigment issues. Think clinkles (cleavage wrinkles!), dark spots, crepeyness and rough skin.

To ensure you keep this skin smooth and strong for as long as possible, neutralise free radicals and shield your skin from the sun by slathering on a high protection SPF whenever it’s exposed to daylight.

Our Organic Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25 will even add a subtle tint for instant chest radiance. Or better still and when it works, cover up with a scarf in the cooler months and throw on a wide rimmed hat for the warmer months (or a lighter dress scarf).

The sooner you start caring for your delicate décolletage the better - honestly. This is not an area to ignore if you want to enjoy plunging necklines!

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