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"At 63, I Now Have The Confidence To Go Bare!"


Say hello our sensational Ambassador Sarah who's made HIGHBORN her one-stop-shop for her skincare essentials! I love Sarah's passion for quality skincare and her support for those helping to fight against breast cancer after losing her sister to the disease at just 36.

I live every day with immense gratitude for how lucky I am and it's an amazing privilege to be Sarah's skincare of choice, knowing that she too is helping with the fight Against Breast Cancer.

And so it's my honour to introduce you to your new Ambassador, Sarah, and her favourite HIGHBORNs for braving a bare face ... PLUS, you can SAVE 15% OFF EVERYTHING today in our special Valentine's Sale with code LOVE22 >>


So a little bit about me ... I’m married, I have one daughter and a miniature Daxie called Daisy, who makes me laugh every day. I live a busy life enjoying dog walks, playing golf, going on holiday and meeting up with friends.

My real pleasure is having a relaxing facial and feeling and seeing the benefits afterwards. I love trying different hair, face and body products to find out which ones work for me and make me feel good ...

I discovered HIGHBORN online when reading about Tracey’s story and battle with breast cancer. At the age of 36, my sister sadly lost her battle to this awful disease and I try to support certain charities and people who have a story to tell.

I was so inspired by Tracey, having to deal with her cancer and starting a new beauty products company (not an easy task by any means). I wanted to try some of her products, with a proportion of the cost going to Against Breast Cancer, charity HIGHBORN supports with every purchase.

I started with the Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum, Imperial Eye Gel and Imperial Moisturiser... The texture is lovely, it goes on smoothly and absorbs beautifully making my skin feel protected and nourished. My skin absolutely loves them! As do I.

At last I thought, I've found a company that I can buy all three of the same products from and use on a daily basis as part of my skin care routine.

The biggest change I've experienced since using HIGHBORN products is that my skin is brighter and smoother. And I also believe the darkness under my eyes has improved too ...

I prefer to not wear much make-up during the day and my Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum, eye gel and moisturiser give me the confidence to go bare! People are commenting saying I look well which makes me feel happy and I’m putting it down to my skin looking brighter and nourished.

For me, the most important elements of beauty products I use is that they are all natural and organic; that they don’t contain any chemicals, parabens or sulphates and most importantly that they are not tested on animals. HIGHBORN ticks all of these.

At 63, I couldn't be happier with my skin. And to have the confidence to go without make-up is such a delight.

I'm so happy I found HIGHBORN and I am thrilled to be your Ambassador! I very much look forward to sharing more tips, tricks and recommendations with you soon.

Sarah x


SAVE 15% OFF EVERYTHING today in our special Valentine's Sale with code LOVE22 >>

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