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Best Solution for Smooth Skin All Over

Best Solution for Smooth Skin All Over
The skin on your body deserves as much attention as the skin on your face.
But is easy to neglect! You skip a few ''lotioning'' days and end up with dry legs and arms and wonder why your skin is not behaving.
But exfoliating your skin all over should be a priority because you’ll feel better in your own skin. Skin that’s smooth, hydrated and soft makes every day a little bit more wonderful.
A body scrub will ensure that all the dead skin cells are removed. And you’re given a fresh, clean surface, prepped for new skin cells to thrive. Think of it as skin revival. Not only does your skin look good afterwards, but it feels good!
It also helps remove dirt as well as all kinds of germs that tend to accumulate on the surface.
Clogged pores on your body? That’s what a body scrub is for. It aids in unclogging pores, and regulates blood flow and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.
If you find that you have inexplicable dry patches of skin, or flakiness a scrub will help. Especially during wintertime! It will remove any dead cell build-up and create a clean, smooth surface for new cells to take their place.
How about those pesky ingrown hairs? Ugh! No matter what we do or use, they are bound to happen from time to time, especially on legs. They aren’t pretty, but most of all they aren’t comfortable either. If you do have ingrown hairs, it will be easier to get them onto the surface and out of your life. Scrub on the daily, and you'll find it easier to cope with this issue.
Smooth skin is the goal, so texture has to go. Which is why it’s important to scrub away dead cells every day, because they don’t go on a break. They don’t stop accumulating because we don’t remove them.
Let’s not forget how therapeutic a scrub can be. Almost like a massage!
Not even the most expensive body lotion will give you smooth soft skin unless you exfoliate.
Winter is here, but summer is coming so don’t wait for the last minute to get that smooth, supple skin you want.

And have an amazing day! 

Tracey x


Pam Jacklin on January 23 2020 at 07:40PM

thank you

Karen Catton on January 23 2020 at 07:40PM

Am totally over the moon that you have introduced this body scrub. Thank you so much Tracey and the team. Can’t wait to try it. Karen x

AvA on January 24 2020 at 06:49AM

Is this a new product?

AvA on January 24 2020 at 06:49AM

Is this a new product?

Jay on January 19 2020 at 10:50AM

So totally agree I’m now 69 and have used scrubs since. Was in my twenties. In fact my friends used to laugh as when I worked I had to stay away a couple of time a week , yes in lovely hotels but boring. And to pass the time away I would use a scrub the shower it off and the put on a face mask. But I used o also put it on mu bum my idea being yes I had a big bum but it would be a soft
And today I’m still doing it much to my husbands amusement but it is remarked by all what wonderful soft skin I have. So ladies scrub

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