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Avoid Chapped Lips this Winter with these Simple Secrets

Harsh wind. Cold dry air. Rainy days. Frost, snow!

Autumn and winter can be harsh on your lips. I want to help you embrace all the beauty of the colder seasons and avoid all the things you don’t like about it, such as chapped, painful lips!

Here are some quick tips to help save your lips:

1. Invest in a Humidifier - It’s incredible how such a small device can make a huge difference for your skin.

Fire it up before going to bed, to keep your lips from dehydrating during the night. Then pop on some lip butter for protection in the morning and you’re good to go!

2. Exfoliation - Just like your face, your lips need exfoliation. Getting rid of layers of dead, dry skin, is going to be crucial for maintaining soft, shiny lips. If your lips are sensitive, be very gentle and try scrubbing by using a soft toothbrush and some water.

3. Breathe Through Your Nose - We know this seems obvious, but don’t breathe through your mouth (I know that after the 3rd floor it might be a bit difficult), but this tends to dry out your lips even more.

4. Beeswax - There’s nothing better than a lip butter with beeswax for your lips. It acts like a protective barrier when you’re outside, and keeps your lips smooth and soft (and it's in our Superior Lip Butter).

5. Bundle Up - One bonus thing you can do for your lips is bundle up with a soft scarf over the nose and mouth when you’re outside.

6. Lip Gloss - For some extra shine, and extra protection use a lip gloss. It is also very convenient when you can’t wear lipstick, but you still want something extra on your lips. A lip gloss won’t show your chapped lips, and it will still look just as beautiful as a lipstick.

We are very, very, extremely, BEYOND excited to finally launch our brand new 100% Organic Lip Glosses! We’ve worked hard to achieve everything you like about lip products, and leave out everything you DON’T like, specifically, all the nasties.

High shine, no stickiness, in beautiful shades perfect for wintertime. You can start collecting yours soon!

But you need to be on the early bird list as we have less than 250 of each shade in the first batch and they'll go super fast!

To get on the early bird list head here >> Click Here

And have an amazing day, Tracey x


Nicolette Deeth on January 24 2020 at 07:19PM

I really loved using your products but had to stop for environmental reasons, ( not due to the wonderful ingredients,I hasten to add) but the packaging.
I felt very sad and wondered if you intend to address this as I bought all my products from you.
Kind regards

Barbara on November 09 2019 at 05:53PM

Looking forward to the launch of these lip glosses. I will be spending christmas in Canada. Going to be very cold and the air is very dry there.

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