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7 Delicious Snacks for Glowing, Youthful Skin (chocolate?)!

Desperately peckish but caught between something good, something naughty, something tasty, something healthy ... what do you do?!

Well, here are 7 delicious, quick snacks that are good for you and will help give you glowing skin too ... Enjoy number SEVEN!

1. Strawberries. Just a couple of handfuls have up to 130% of your daily dose of vitamin C.  Can help boost production of collagen fibres that help keep skin smooth and firm. 

2. Almonds. Eat just a handful of almonds every day to boost vitamin E which can be one of the most important antioxidants for skin health. 

3. Apples (and onions!) Not necessarily together but both apples and onions contain Quercetin, an antioxidant that may protects against wrinkles as it can save skin from harmful UVB rays.

4. Avocado. 'This creamy fruit contains lots of moisturising vitamin E. Not only can vitamin E ease dry skin, but it may also protect against damaging UV rays. It’s the perfect excuse for guacamole!

5. Eggs. Eggs contain atioxidants Lutein and zeaxanthin which may help protect against the UV damage that leads to lines, brown spots, and cancer. 

 6. Blueberries. Free radicals are particles that can harm skin cells and reduce collagen, making skin more wrinkle-prone. Eating antioxidant-rich blueberries can help can offset free radical.

 7. Chocolate! Well, drinking dark chocolate, chocolate high in flavonoids has been shown in one study when drank every day for 12 weeks had significantly softer, smoother, better hydrated skin. As you get older your skin can lose its ability to hold on to moisture, make oil, and heal quickly. That can mean more lines. If you need a little help, one of the best ways to help hydrate your skin is with high quality, natural, organic serum such as HighBorn London's Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum.

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Lynda on June 13 2019 at 04:02PM

I just wanted to say I am enjoying your articles on skin care . Today’s , which was about healthy snacks, was excellent, 7 concise suggestions which can easily be fitted into most people’s day. I had been eating zero fat yogurts etc and my skin was becoming sallow and dry so now I am eating healthy fats in moderation and the improvement has been noticeable. I will now add your healthy snack choices and be 10 years younger soooon😜so thanks again! Sound advice and great products ❤️

Alrxis Allan on August 31 2017 at 02:04PM

Really impressed with all the products and arrived very quickly after ordering

Gaynor on June 26 2017 at 06:53PM

Just started using my products, eye gel, serum, moisturiser and lip balm they feel and smell wonderful. Beautiful packaging and really prompt service. I’m hoping the results are good too, but will definitely purchase more based on how good they feel and smell.

fiona floyd on April 04 2017 at 06:55PM

I recently bought the eye gel and face serum. I love them both but do find the nozzles on the packaging are tough to push down and you often end up with more product than required.

Mrs Roz Boyd on March 27 2017 at 04:06PM

Have just bought the eye cream and have to say im impressed. Gonna save up for the serum next then the moisturiser. Having just been diagnosed with leukemia my skin is suffering greatly so looking forward to getting the rest of your products. Thankyou.

Vivien on March 03 2017 at 05:25PM

Last week I bought Highborn eyegel & a serum. This week I bought the moisturiser it arrived today – such a prompt service. The products are wonderful not oily, my skin absorbs all these products and leaves it feeling and looking great. I will definitely be back to buy more. You use such a small amount every application so it will last a long time between purchases.

A very happy customer indeed.

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