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5 Simple Ways To Change Your Skin For The Better

Even the smallest changes to your skincare routine can reap huge rewards for your complexion. And more often than not, it’s about going back to the basics to check you’re laying down the best foundations for fabulous skin. Here are five tricks we truly believe will make a real, visible difference to your skin… for now and years to come. 

Maintaining amazing skin might come easy for a handful of people, but for the majority, it takes a bit more time and effort to get a handle on how your skin works. Why is it so hard? Well, firstly, everybody’s skin is different. What works for your best friend might not be the same for you. Then come the fads, the over-complex and over-loading  regimes, not to mention an array of miracle-promising products. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really going to set you up for success.

We believe the route to your best skin lays in simplicity and getting the basics right. With the right products of course. While skincare is a very personal thing, there are certain practices that everyone can (and should) benefit from. So, if you’re looking for a clearer, healthier complexion, here are five simple ways to take control of your skin’s destiny. Let’s get back to basics ...

1. Know Your Skin

The most important way to maximise your skin’s potential is to understand it. Do you know your skin type? And what about how it’s feeling and looking right now, in the moment? 

There are four basic skin types: normal, oily, dry and combination. The best way to pinpoint yours is to cleanse and dry your skin, then leave it completely bare for about an hour. After this time, study it in the mirror and feel it with clean hands. If it’s soft with no shine or dry patches you’re one of the few lucky ones with what’s classed as normal skin. If it looks shiny and feels slightly greasy to the touch, you have oily skin. If it’s tight and looks flaky or cracked, you have dry skin. And if it’s a bit of both? Then you have combination skin.

Understanding your skin is the best way to shape your basic skincare routine with effective cleansers and moisturisers. Then you can build on these with targeted treatment serums and facial oils that help address other concerns such as lines, wrinkles, dark spots or acne.

2. Nail A Consistent Routine

While you should always treat the skin you see in the mirror, consistency with your routine is key. Dermatologists agree you must cleanse and moisturise your face and neck every morning and night to maintain healthy, balanced skin. And, of course, a broad-spectrum SPF is essential every day – rain or shine! Whatever else you do, never miss out on these vital steps day in, day out.

An absolute minimalist regime would include Crystal Cleanser and our Ultimate Day and Night Moisture Set.  Get these sorted and then look to add in specific products to target areas of concerns, such as Imperial Eye Gel for fine lines and dark circles and Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum for an added age-defying and brightening boost.

3. Exfoliate Regularly, No Matter Your Skin Type

Your skin has its own way of naturally turning over (a process called desquamation), but as you get older, this cycle slows down and needs a little help. This is why exfoliating regularly with our gentle, but effective Natural Luminosity Scrub is important for all skin types and one of the best ways to loosen and slough away dead skin cells to achieve radiant, glowing skin. What’s more, exfoliating prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare routine, helping it absorb all those fabulous ingredients from your serum, moisturiser and facial oil

4. Look After Your Skin’s Barrier Function

A great skin barrier helps retain moisture while simultaneously preventing toxic chemicals and environmental irritants like pollution and UV radiation from getting in. Think of it as a vital front-line protection that keeps your skin healthy and resilient. 

But take note, it’s very easy to upset your skin’s barrier function, so three things are important in your skincare routine. First, stick with gentle cleansing products like Crystal Cleanser that don’t contain harsh chemicals, alcohol, sulphates or synthetic fragrances. Sulphates, in particular, upset your skin’s pH balance and strip away essential oils, leaving your barrier dry and exposed to potential irritation. Bad news. 

Secondly, only ever wash your face with lukewarm water – hot water also strips your skin of sebum and moisture. 

Lastly, never forget to moisturise to lock in water, lipids and other essential nutrients. This is especially important overnight when your skin goes into regeneration mode. Try Night Elixir which contains shea butter, evening primrose oil and antioxidants to strengthen, soften and repair your barrier function as you sleep.

5. Apply Sunscreen Every Day

Did you know that the sun is the number one cause of skin ageing? It also never goes away. In fact, even on cold, cloudy days, up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate your skin. Surprising isn’t it?

It figures, therefore, that sun protection is an extremely important step in your routine and one of, if not the best anti-agers you could invest in. If you’ve never found one that works for your skin, now’s the time to try our Organic Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25 which not only protects your skin from the sun, but also leaves it smooth, even and glowing, meaning you need never apply foundation again. It’s a must for all skin types. 

So now you've checked in on the basics for great skincare you're all set for achieving your best skin!


Barbara Livesley on August 13 2021 at 01:43PM

Highborn is for me a fabulous product , I came across highborn on Facebook in the first COVID lock down and have not used anything else since . The changes to my skin are amazing and I love all the products I have purchase over the last 12 months . The cleaner and toner is just beautiful also the night and day moistures . My favourite product has to be the serum , the next purchase
I am keen to try is the tinted moisture .
A big thanks to Tracey xx

Janet Robinson on May 03 2021 at 03:11PM

This is excellent. As a retired Nurse who has worked 38 years of shift work day duty / night duty it is now that I can see the impact this has had on my skin due to many long hours of work on wards with artificial lighting and varying temperatures which dehydrates the skin. As a new Highborn customer I have purchased the cleanser toner day/night moisturiser the luminosity scrub eye gel the lip moisturiser and the tinted moisturiser. I feel so happy I have purchased these wonderful products after reading so many of the excellent reviews. My face I hope will be with me for many years to come and I feel totally excited that I have all the basics for great skin care and that I will have the best skin as I reach my twilight years.
My next purchase has to be the facial oil. Than you so much Highborn. One very happy customer.

Karen Fuller on May 03 2021 at 03:11PM

I use highborn every day! morning and night, Im really noticing a big difference in my skins appearance I just love highborn best I have ever used on my skin, I’m 59 now so tried quiet a few different brands in my time.

Pamela Granger on May 03 2021 at 03:11PM

Thank you Tracey for developing such a fantastic range of products and for all the tips to apply them. I have just purchased the Organic Tinted Moisturiser and I just love it. I have always had problems trying to find a foundation that didn’t look heavy but this Tinted Moisturiser has really come up trumps. Thank you again

Alison Alice-May Williams on May 03 2021 at 03:11PM

I have been using Highborn products for a year now, and my skin is benefiting from all the great products. I love the eye gel and the serum, but my favourite is probably the night elixir. I also love the facial scrub. My skin is naturally dry, and with ageing has become even more dry. Highborn products have sorted out my dry patches, of which I have no more. I love this range – thank you x

Gillian Mitchell on May 03 2021 at 03:11PM

Straightforward sensible advice on skincare. Many thanks,

Kate Comins on May 03 2021 at 03:11PM

Very interesting and informative. Had better stock up on more of your lovely products.

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