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10 Things Women With Amazing Skin Swear By

 HIGHBORN London 10 Things Women With Amazing Skin Do

Having amazing skin isn't just down to what products you use. They are of course a fundamental part of your skincare. BUT there are so many things you can do to help reveal and maintain your best skin. And it's easy when you know the top tricks to boost your radiance even more!

So, to keep things easy, here are my favourite top 10 tips to exquisite skin ...

1. Always cleanse before bedtime

You're probably exhausted right now BUT even a one minute cleanse will work wonders for your skin. No matter how tired you are or how late it is - cleansing your face before lights-out is a MUST. Even if you don't wear make-up. You see, your skin attracts all sorts of unwanted visitors throughout the day. Plus the natural process of daily dead skin cells building up. And going to bed without taking them off will only push them further into your pores, causing clogging and dullness. Not to mention the impact on fines lines too! No thanks.

This needn't take long though. For a quick and effective cleanse, simply take a cotton pad with Crystal Cleanser and get to work. Gently wiping you face and neck. And don't forget about your décolletage if you have time! It's exposed to the elements too. Wipe over again with a clean, damp cotton pad or face cloth.

2. Clean pillow case

It's obvious when you think about it. It's second in line for where you spend the most time. And during those important z's, your pillow case is busy collecting more dead skin cells that shed over night, bacteria, saliva, hair product residue ... none of which you want sinking into your precious skin while you get your beauty sleep.

To stand the best chance of dodging these dirties, flip your pillow every few days and wash it weekly. Some say every two weeks but personally, I'm a weekly washer. 

3. Exfoliate regularly 

Why are facial scrubs so good? There are so many benefits from regular scrubbing. Ladies with amazing skin know this. Those dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin. BANISHED. Rough texture, flaky skin. SMOOTHED. Using a scrub reveals your glowing, soft skin that’s beneath. So whilst we can’t stop ageing ... you can uncover your best skin through regular, gentle exfoliation. And the Natural Luminosity Scrub is perfect for this - you can even use it daily to give you the best base to soak up the next steps (I do!).

4. Use an antioxidant serum with your moisturiser

A serum is a must-have for rejuvenating your skin. One that contains important Vitamin C and E to plump and repair daily exposure to free radicals. Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum also contains Marine collagen (seaweed), green tea, argan oil, arnica and so much more! Helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Deeply penetrating to help leave your skin plump and firm. And nutrient dense for smoother, more even skin tone. It's what many HIGHBORNers swear by for reviving their complexion. 

5. SPF, everyday

Your skin is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. Damaging your precious skin cells and accelerating the signs of ageing. This simple step is what every woman with radiant skin will always stick to as part of their daily skincare. No matter the weather. So choose a high SPF, one that's suited to your skin type. Or for an instant glow, nourishment AND protection, our Organic Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25 is a great solution!

6. Eyes, eyes, eyes

This is usually the first area on your face that starts to show signs of ageing. The skin here is more delicate and thin. It requires extra care. Of course sunglasses when outside and gentle cleansing and removal of eye make up. But did you know you usually shouldn't use a regular moisturiser for this area?! A delicate, soothing eye cream or gel is what's needed. Like our best-selling Imperial Eye Gel. Its ingredients are carefully designed to leave your eyes looking awake, toned, smooth. Top tip - keep yours in the fridge for an ultimate refresh!

7. Clean your phone! Daily!

Do you? It's a breeding ground for nasties. And it's almost impossible not to put your phone against your face. So all those nasties are transferred to your beautiful skin ... and they multiply! An easy step to do every day is to wipe it over with an anti-bacterial wipe (because we all have a lot of those around at the moment!). So grab one throughout the day and say goodbye to the grime!

8. Stay hydrated

Yes I talk about this a lot. But it really is crucial for your skincare. Your skin cells, like any other cell in the body. Made up of water. And without sufficient water, they can't function properly. Leading to dry, tight and even flaky skin. So be sure to help your skin's natural processes by drinking around 2.5 litres a day. Not all from caffeine fixes though! That has the opposite effect sadly. Mix up your water intake and your skin will love you for it.

9. Get active

Don't panic. I'm not suggesting you take on a workout routine right now! Even a short stroll, a gentle jog or a simple stretching (pilates, yoga, both brilliant). All of which will get your blood pumping and increasing circulation nourishes your skin cells by carrying oxygen and nutrients directly to them. Helping to carry away toxins and free radicals so your skin cells can get to work! And, a little bit of exercise is proven to lower the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked not only to skin ageing but breakouts, clogged pores, dull skin ... 

10. Beauty sleep

It's called that for a very scientific reason. You see, when you're sending up those important z's, the blood flow increases to your skin, helping it to rebuild collagen and repair daily damage. It goes into "restore" mode, replacing ageing cells with fresh, new ones! So yes, sleep really is a crucial part of looking (and feeling) AMAZING. Around 8 hours each night is ideal. But take whatever you can get right now.

You're likely doing a lot of these already. But maybe there are one or two new ones you can easily add in? Comment below and tell me your top tips too!

Here's to having amazing skin!

Tracey x



liz darling on January 27 2021 at 11:58PM

Love your blogs so many topic on skincare and well-being .

I started to use Highborn though lockdown made me feel good and you want to feel that when you get

and to keep me fit and health i have started to skipping too as my boxing club been closed at the moment its good for after you have a nice walk.

Vanessa Williams on January 19 2021 at 04:05PM

Hi Tracey every time I wash my face i always rinse thoroughly with freezing cold water brings the blood to the surface and i always do my facial exercises before bed i call it the tortoise because i look like one when i do them. Ha ha

Teresa Reynolds on January 19 2021 at 04:05PM

I have bought a mulberry silk pillowcase. You don’t have to buy the expensive branded one, you can buy 2 for less than £12 from wish. I turn it over every night and change it after a few days

Rosemary Mackey on January 19 2021 at 04:04PM

Thanks to your great products I can relax and carry out your fab tips each day. Many thanks HighBorn!

Bernadette Jukes on January 19 2021 at 04:04PM

Thank you for those very helpful tips Tracey really appreciate any adive an helpful tips to help my skin looking as good as it can :-)

Susan Steele on January 19 2021 at 04:04PM

Been using products for two weeks skin already feels much better

Thank you

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