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Hello from the Owner

Tracey Broadway HighBorn London FounderFollowing multiple misdiagnosis Highborn founder Tracey Broadway was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 34.

Tracey went from happy, healthy Mum of two young children to months of chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and more. 

She lost everything she prided herself on as a woman. She lost her long blonde hair, she lost her eyebrows, she lost her eyelashes.  She looked pale, she looked ill, she lost her self esteem and could have lost her life. 

But she never gave up. She never let it beat her. She kept running towards her dream. Having worked with the world's top beauty brands, run a chain of beauty salons and her own salon she has always loved helping other women look and feel their best. 

Now she's well she's on a passionate mission to help you look and feel you, happy, healthy and full of energy no matter what's happening in your life! She believes everyone deserves to feel special because every single one of us  is ... HighBorn. 

So look and feel superior every day with the ultimate natural beauty products from HighBorn London.