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Your Summer Skin SOS To Stop Setbacks

Travelling abroad is not be so simple these days, but even our British summertime can take its toll on your skin [and we've had quite the scorcher lately!]. BBQs, weekend trips to the coast, hot days in the city, whatever your vibe this summer, you need to make sure you look after your skin – or you could end up paying the price. 

Want to get ahead of your worst summer skin setbacks? Then read on… 

1. Sun-Scorched Skin 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, sun protection is the single-most important way to keep the visible signs of ageing at bay. Of course, you may have had the odd hiccough and found yourselves a little scorched at the end of a day in the sun, but seriously, don’t make this a habit, OK?

Prevention is key, people. And it really is quite simple. Our Organic Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25, for example, works wonders for everyday use and has a subtle tint that’s perfect for reducing redness and giving you gorgeous, glowy skin. No excuses.

And if you do get caught short? Our Organic Hydration Gel works wonders to instantly cool, soothe and repair. And we've also been told Natural Luminosity Body Butter works better at nourishing scorched skin than aftersun! Oh, and stay out of the sun for at least two days.

2. Shiny (And Not In A Good Way!) Skin

Warmth and humidity encourage your sebaceous glands to produce more oil which is great news if you have dry or normal skin. Not so cool if you’re already a tad oily and you end up looking like you dipped your face in a vat of olive oil.

It’s tempting to counteract excess oil by cleansing and toning your skin more often, but resist this urge as it’ll do nothing but temporarily strip your skin of oil, then force your sebaceous glands to produce even more of it.

A better way to control and stabilise oil production is to stick with a twice daily, gentle cleansing routine using Crystal Cleanser, then keep our Diamond Toner handy to hydrate, balance and soothe your skin all day long. 

3. Breakouts

The combination of oil and sweat can breed bacteria and often leads to pesky zits – especially on your forehead where you’re likely to sweat more. 

To help prevent breakouts, make sure you keep your skin clean (as above!) and stick to oil-free moisturising products like Organic Hydration Gel which is non-comedogenic so less likely to clog up your pores than other, heavier moisturising products.

Also, avoid touching your face to wipe away sweat as this will breed bacteria. Instead, use a clean, moist towel to refresh your skin and reduce irritation. 

4. Dry Lips

Frequent sun exposure strips your lips of moisture and can cause dryness and chapping. Which, quite frankly, is top of nobody’s summertime (or any time) wish list. 

Apply a sun protective balm frequently throughout the day, then, before bed, treat them to our Superior Lip Butter which is a true, moisturising powerhouse. If your lips are slightly flaky from too many white wines and hours in the sun, gently massage a damp facecloth over them while cleansing your face to remove loose skin. Then, apply lip butter all over, taking it slightly over your lipline for an intensive overnight treat.

5. Below Par Legs

Sun’s out, pins out, which means it won’t do if your legs are still suffering from post-winter dryness or ingrown hairs. To up your leg game, exfoliate them twice a week with Natural Luminosity Scrub which helps remove dead skin cells, boost circulation and prevent ingrown hairs.

After showering or bathing, pat your skin until it’s almost dry, then slather on Natural Luminosity Body Butter while you’re still damp to seal in moisture and smooth your skin.

Finally, if you shave your legs (or your underarms), here’s a great little shaving tip for you. Never shave as soon as you hit the shower. Instead, leave it until the last thing you do. Why? Because this gives your follicles time to open up in the warm water and your hairs time to soften giving you a much closer, better shave. Who knew?

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