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Which Areas Of Your Skin Age The Fastest?

Your skin’s structure plays a vital role in the rate in which it ages. Of course, your face is the part you notice first, but what about the rest of you? Are there any other areas of your skin you should give extra care and attention to as you get older? You bet there are. 

We bring you the three areas that age you up the quickest and what you can do to help keep them looking younger for longer

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Number 1: YOUR HANDS

The skin on the palms of your hands is thick, sturdy and well padded, but when it comes to the backs of your hands, it’s a whole different ball game. And it’s here where you need to take really good care with the right kind of moisturisation.

The skin on the backs of your hands is thin, contains few oil-producing sebaceous glands and has very little fatty tissue. This means that a) it’s not very good at keeping itself moisturised and b) it’s delicate and therefore extremely susceptible to wear and tear. 

To add insult to injury, your hands are two of the most hard working areas of your body – often exposed to the elements and frequently in contact with water and cleansing products. Although extremely important (especially right now), washing your hands disturbs the hydrolipidic film that protects your skin, making them feel dry, dehydrated and irritated. 

It’s no wonder, therefore, that with all this cleansing and sun exposure your poor hands stand little chance against the visible effects of ageing. Wrinkles, protruding veins, loose skin and dark spots are just a few signs that your hands have started to lose their youthful edge thanks to UV damage, a lack of moisturisation and the inevitable loss of collagen and elastin. 

Your Anti-Ageing Action Plan

There are two main action points to employ if you care about halting the visible signs of ageing on your hands. First, you have to protect them from the sun every time you go outside – unless you’re wearing gloves, of course.

Winter, summer, autumn or spring, sun protection is vital for every exposed areas of skin. A great trick is to keep a bottle of your favourite sun cream by your front door to remind you to apply it to the backs of your hands before going outside.

The other must? Hand cream which acts like a barrier to protect the skin and help avoid transepidermal water loss (this is what causes dehydration). Choose a formulation that contains a high percentage of wax and/or oil to seal water into your skin and apply it after every time you wash your hands. Try Natural Luminosity Body Butter which is packed with shea butter and botanical oils like coconut, olive and avocado – a dream combination for hard-working hands.

Number 2: YOUR EYES

If you’re looking for the thinnest, most fragile area of skin on your entire body, it’s right here on your eyelids. In fact, the whole of the eye area is around ten times thinner than the rest of your face, making it very susceptible to damage and ageing. 

Not only is the skin around your eyes thin, but it also lacks fat and muscle content so as you age and collagen starts to break down it loses vital support and structure. The fact that it surrounds a hollow space where your eyeball sits doesn’t help, as this gives it a free pass to cave in and give you that sunken, darkened look we all know and loathe.

Interestingly, the outer corners of your eyes also lack sebaceous glands, so this area, in particular, misses out on skin moisturising sebum to keep it lubricated and soft. This is why dryness is often seen around the eyes and why crow’s feet can rear their heads fairly early on in life.

Finally, the skin around your eyes is constantly moving due to squinting, smiling, frowning and even talking. This causes what’s known as ‘dynamic wrinkles’ or expression lines and is an inevitable part of the ageing process – especially when you think about the fact that you blink around 15,000 times a day! 

Your Anti-Ageing Action Plan

Slapping regular moisturiser around your eyes is simply not good enough. As mentioned, the skin here is much drier than the rest of your face. It’s also prone to dark circles, puffiness and premature lines, so targeted ingredients that help treat these concerns are paramount.

Our Imperial Eye Gel is formulated with plenty of eye-loving ingredients to help keep the skin around your eyes firm, bright and youthful-looking. We’ve included things like aloe and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin; green tea leaf extract to reduce inflammation; marine collagen to strengthen and firm, and a blend of botanical oils for vital moisturisation.

Apply just a small amount of eye gel morning and night to clean, dry skin, using your ring fingers to delicately tap or smooth it around the whole eye area. 

Also, wear sunglasses whenever you’re outside to reduce sun damage and sleep on your back with your head slightly raised to reduce pooling under your eyes and help stop morning puffiness.

Number 3: YOUR NECK

Just like the skin around your eyes, the skin on your neck has fewer oil-producing glands than the rest of your face. Cue: dryness and dehydration. It’s also super thin, fragile and has little muscle support, so thanks to the negative impacts of gravity it can sag, wrinkle and crease lightning fast.

On top of all this, constantly looking down at your smartphone does nothing but accelerate the odd fine line here and droopiness there. Eventually this will lead to the formation of bands around the entire circumference of your neck. Eek! 

Your Anti-Ageing Action Plan

Hands up if you treat the skin on your neck with as much love as the rest of your face. No? Big mistake, huge. Trust us, if you don’t give this area the attention it deserves, you’ll regret it in years to come, so whatever you do to your face morning and night, do the exact same thing to your neck.

Cleanse, tone, treat, moisturise, the works.

Another great way to improve the look and feel of the skin on your neck is to include it in your exfoliation routine. Use Natural Luminosity Scrub daily and smooth it all over damp skin, gently massaging it all over your face and neck for a couple of minutes each morning.

This will help boost cell turnover and remove any dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull, dry and uneven.

Finally, sunscreen is vital. Take a little extra Organic Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25 when applying it to your face at the end of your morning routine, and smooth it all over your neck and even down to your décolletage area if it’s not going to be covered up.

The sun is the number cause of skin ageing. And remember, this means ALL skin ageing – not just your face.

So there you have it. The top three areas of your body which age the fastest and what you can do to help them looking their best. Head over now to our Black Friday and save 23% OFF everything listed above (and more!) ...


Lynn Freeman on November 18 2021 at 11:25AM

Thank you for keeping me on my toes, regarding my extra skin care,love your blogs

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