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Want to Be Happier? Say Yes To...

Feeling good.
Positive outlook.
We strive towards it, but we sometimes struggle on that path. If you sometimes feel like you’re giving more than what you’re getting, you’re not alone. If you sometimes feel like you’re stretched too thin, join the club.
The good and the bad thing is, you’re not alone and a lot of people feel this way. We can’t say yes to everything… but what do you HAVE TO say yes to feel good in your skin, and happy?
Good people in your surroundings. Don’t let anyone in your space and proximity that makes you uncomfortable. Who puts you down, and doesn’t support you. Who makes you feel bad. It’s okay to choose the people you surround yourself with, especially because, you only live once. You don’t owe anyone loyalty. It’s all about love.
When people love you, they will uplift you and make you feel good. They will make you want to dance, laugh, go for things in life.
A big, fat nap. Is the world going to end if you take a nap? No, it won’t. The Earth will still keep revolving, and an hour out of your day won’t have detrimental consequences. Take that time to restart. Sometimes, you just need an hour (or even just 15 minutes!).
Exercise. It’s so tough to get started and get yourself moving. But it’s one of those things you have to make time for. It’s all a matter of will. Everyone is busy and tired and has obligations during the day. Which is why you shouldn’t use that an excuse. Think of all the benefits that come with exercise, but focus mainly on your health. Think about healthy and good you’ll feel.
Self-Care Sundays. It may sound corny to some people, but it’s self-care days are a thing. And they are a thing for a reason. The reason being, you need a day off. You need to take care of yourself, and love yourself. Choose a day when you will take a couple of hours for yourself. And only for yourself! You can have a spa day at home. Light a good candle, apply a face mask, do your nails. Or you can pack a lunch bag for yourself, grab a blanket and go for a picnic in nature. Whatever is your idea of ultimate relaxation and recuperation.
Healthy food. Food that’s bad for you is old news. Everything is so accessible today so you have no excuses for bad choices. Meal prep. Try eating fresh, organic and raw fruits and veggies whenever possible. Stock up on the weekends to make sure you have healthy options during the week. Don’t make excuses, make smart choices.
A hobby. What do you really enjoy doing? What is that one thing you are passionate about or that one thing that you’ve always dreamed you could do more? Hobbies are important. It’s the time we recharge by doing something we enjoy doing. Without any obligations or consequences. It’s sort of like nurturing your own spirit and identity.
Spending more time outdoors. This might be a luxury to some, who work hard all day and have to go home and take care of everything else there as well. But there are little things you can do to make sure you’re doing them outside. Take more walks. Walk through the park instead of around it. Use the weekend to be outside. If it’s cold, take a shorter walk.
Being outside cuts out the excess noise out. No cars, no technology, no business. Total serenity.
Putting yourself first. A lot of you feel guilty if you take some time for yourselves. Parents, kids, partners, tend to put everyone first, but what about you? It’s not enough to put others first, you have to be ‘selfish’ and think of yourself. You need it. Put your needs first. It’s okay. You don’t always have to cater to everyone first. Change your habits. Let the loved ones in your life know when you need to take care of yourself first.
What will you start with? 
Tracey x


Paula on February 05 2020 at 12:18PM

Brilliant & wise advice Tracey :-) love having a quick scroll down your blogs, & btw it’s the only blog I take time to look at as they always seem to concisely remind me of the important things in life!

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