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The Best Kept Skincare Secrets – Revealed!

The search for flawless skin is an elusive one, but allow us to let you in on the biggest skincare secret… nobody has perfectly flawless skin. Sometimes, a few simple adjustments is all it takes to achieve the best skin of your life. Which is why we decided to share some of our favourite tried and tested skincare tips for helping your complexion look the best it possibly can.

Yes, even the most beautiful supermodel gets the odd hormonal zit or hates something about their skin. Once you get this and are at one with your skin, you can begin to work with, rather than against what Mother Nature gave you.

Of course, a great cleansing, toning, moisturising and SPF regime is a great place to start – but there are many other tricks we’ve learnt over the years that also work.

In no particular order, here are our top five…

1. Steam Your Skin 

Great for boosting circulation, cleaning your pores, removing toxins and loosening blocked sebum, facial steaming is an oldie, but a goodie. If your skin is super dry or if you suffer with eczema or rosacea, you might want to give this one a miss, but for the rest of you, a weekly steam will reap fabulous rewards. 

Simply fill a bowl or your sink with hot water, then cover your head with a towel and hold your face about 30cm above the water for 10 minutes [so you don’t scorch your skin!]. You could even add some chamomile, rosemary or lavender to further soothe and calm your skin. Divine!

2. Massage As You Cleanse

Do you cleanse your skin in seconds and then hope for the best? Wrong move. Cleansing is THE BEST time to boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage to help remove toxins and leave your skin gorgeously glowing. 

And the good news? It’s dead simple to amp up your cleansing game. Just set aside two or three minutes to massage your skin with your hands and fingers every time you cleanse. Apply Crystal Cleanser to damp skin, then press your fingers up your forehead a few times.

Next, work along your cheeks working from your nose out to your hairline, then along your chin and jawline, and finally up your neck. You glow, girl!

3. Stop Touching Your Face

You probably do this without thinking, but constantly touching your face with unwashed hands spreads dirt, oil and bacteria which can lead to clogged pores and trigger acne flare-ups. This is especially common around the chin and jawline if you like to lean your face on your hands when reading or working at your desk.

The problem is, touching your face isn’t an easy habit to break. However, it’s not impossible.  

One trick is to gross yourself out by thinking about how many germs you’re transferring from your hands to your skin. Oh, and you should ensure you wash your hands thoroughly and often. But you knew that. 

4. Simplify Your Routine

It’s tempting to buy every skincare product under the sun, but overloading your skin is one of the worst, and most common mistakes people make. Layering all sorts of lotions, potions, serums and creams on your face can be harsh because you may be mixing ingredients that might not go together or overloading your skin with too many actives.

All this can cause irritation, sensitivities and more importantly may damage your skin’s precious protective barrier, making it dry and more prone to ageing. 

The answer? Don’t use too many products, of course! Thankfully we’ve made that easy for you with our all-singing, all-dancing Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum which includes aloe and hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin; fruit acids and retinol to boost cell turnover; antioxidants to protect and, well, so much more. We truly believe it’s the ideal one-stop-shop for beautiful, ageless skin.

And all our collections are carefully created for even the most sensitive skin types - not too much, not too little.

5. Embrace Vitamins – Inside & Out 

There’s no denying the importance of vitamins in a healthy, balanced diet, but they’re just as important in your skincare routine. When it comes to what you eat, up your intake of nuts, seeds, fresh veg and oily fish which are an excellent source of skin-loving nutrients like vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants and zinc.

And in terms of your skincare? Well, our favourite has to be vitamin C as it’s proven to help promote collagen production, fade dark spots and protect your skin from environmental damage. Try our delicious Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil which comes bursting with natural vitamin C thanks to 20 botanical oils including orange peel oil and rosehip seed oil.

So there you have it - five of our favourite skincare secrets most people wouldn’t think of. But even the smallest of tweaks or just one of these could reap huge rewards for your skin.


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