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Shouldn't You Age Gracefully and Not Worry About How You Look?

"Shouldn't you just age gracefully and not worry about how you look?"

BOOM - what a question!

Over the last few weeks I've spent hours talking to journalists about my story from Mum of two to cancer at 34 to now helping tens of thousands of people look and fantastic no matter what. 

And that question comes up all the time.

And my answer is always the same.




Every line, every wrinkle, every little sign of your, my, our lives having been lived is just as (if not more)  beautiful than a fresh, smooth, baby face at the start of this wonderful journey we call life.

It's not your fault you age and you shouldn't let anyone let you feel bad about yourself and never pay attention to anything that does. 

And it is my belief (and I in no way suggest you should join me) that we should not worry about how we look, what other people think of us, how attractive we are, how many compliments we get.

Indeed when I was in the middle of chemotherapy, hair falling out, eyebrows gone, face pale and gaunt no matter there was no way I could look like my former self - it couldn't happen. 

So what to do?

See myself in the mirror and cry every day?

Pretend it wasn't happening?

Stay indoors and not go out?

Or just accept it, love myself anyway and do everything I possibly could to beat it and keep going.

That's not the same as just getting older and not looking the same as I when we're younger I know BUT, the feelings, the emotions are similar.


Something that I don't think quite fits in the box of 'just age gracefully' - it's not that simple.

It's about how YOU feel about YOURSELF.

About how confident YOU feel about yourself. About YOUR self-esteem. 

Simply, it's about YOU.

Ageing gracefully and looking YOUR best are not mutually exclusive.

You can age gracefully, love yourself, feel good about yourself AND at the same time do your best to look and feel YOUR best. 

And why not? Feeling good about yourself is not going to harm anyone else! Rather it will help you be your best self and add more to the world!

It's just human nature ... the way we're wired ... and trying to deny it or change is perhaps both unnecessary and more stressful than need be.

Confidence comes from looking and feeling YOUR best. Stepping out each day feeling great about yourself.

And that's my goal for you. To help you feel fantastic about yourself no matter what. Through our products, through my experience rebuilding my health after cancer and rebuilding my fitness and well being from the same. 

So what do you think? 

Tracey x

PS: Keep smiling, you'll be amazed how it'll lift you day :-)


Rose on May 09 2018 at 10:18AM

I love the products and I think that we can age gracefully but still look after ourselves. Thanks for the article; I loved it, and you’re right that we don’t have to look 20 years younger to be acceptable!!

shirley foreman on May 09 2018 at 10:19AM

i hate ageing, i refuse to grow old gracefully. i have always looked after my skin, but hey you won’t stop the wrinkles, no cream had the magic to do this. i still buy them, because they make my skin feel good, but will not stop the ageing process

Frances Burton. on May 05 2018 at 08:24PM

I love your products, especially the eye Gel, serum and day cream. I am 66 and your products have made me feel much better about myself. Thank you.

Sue on May 05 2018 at 08:24PM

Just finished my treatment for breast cancer, obviously emotions are at their peak about the way you feel about yourself. I’ve been using your full range products for the last few months and have had so many postve comments about how well I look. So thank you, they are undoubtedly the best full range skin care products I’ve ever used. Shame you don’t do a body cream!

Carole Coote on May 05 2018 at 11:07AM

I don’t want to age gracefully. I am a very mature lady whose age is known only to MI5 and close family members. I will never be passive. Should I lie in a coma I have made my daughters promise that they will ensure any facial hair is removed.

Caroline Williams on May 05 2018 at 11:07AM

Thankyou, after reading your blog I actually feel more happy and confident about myself! I’ve always worried about ageing and looking old and doubt myself constantly, but I’m going to “rewire” my thoughts thanks to you.
I bought the face serum and received it yesterday. Not tried it yet….tonight I will! Can’t wait to see the results over the next few weeks.
Thankyou again, for your inspiring blog xx

Sandra Bower on May 05 2018 at 11:07AM

Have been using your products for a couple of weeks so still early days but love them. Love how they’re so easy to apply – no dragging of the skin. The eye gel is my favourite. Have just re-ordered 3 products – eye gel, serum and moisturiser as can’t be without!

Jo Everett on May 05 2018 at 11:07AM

Thank you for this. It is very true but with all the pressures these days from social media it’s hard to put into practice! I’m 56 and battling fibromyalgia and feel I’ve aged so much. I’ve always been hard in myself but I’m trying to change my outlook on life and on myself. This article has given me a lift.

Jackie on May 05 2018 at 11:07AM

I love all ur products I feel as though I have had a facial every time I wash my face xx

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