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"No One Can Believe I'm Going Through Chemo"



I am beyond humbled to be saying please give a warm welcome our new Ambassador Louise! This incredible lady has been a fan for the past three years and discovered HIGHBORN during her quest to find something to help her battered skin. You see, Louise lives with vitiligo and myeloma, an incurable cancer. And with that comes regular, aggressive treatment which many of us know leads to incredibly sore, dry, depleted skin.

Full of energy and determination, Louise applied to become a HIGHBORN Ambassador. So she could share her experience with the HIGHBORN community to inspire, to give hope and to show us just how we can look and feel our best, no matter what life throws at us.

So without further ado, here is the incredible Louise. I'm so excited to get to know you and share your journey!


So a little bit about me... I'm 45 year old hairdresser. Ironic as a hairdresser I am now bald (temporarily!!). I started when I was 16 years old and had a successful spanning almost 30 years managing and owning salons. My first love is doing hair. I love the social aspect and many of my clients are now my friends. I love making people look and feel good.

In 2018 I collapsed in pain with a bad back and a after a scan showed a fractured L2 vertebrae. I had lots of tests and a few weeks later diagnosed with a Solitary Plasmacytoma (Cancer). The area was blasted with radiotherapy and I wore a back brace for a long time as it all healed. Unfortunately 2 years later I started experiencing the familiar pain in my bones and tests confirmed that I had progressed to Myeloma, an incurable cancer of the bone marrow.

I have finished 6 months of treatment and currently waiting for a Stem Cell Transplant which will give me more years of life. While on this journey I am trying to inspire others going through the same or similar and how to manage the damage on the body through diet, skin care and of course embrace hair-loss.

I first discovered HIGHBORN when one of my clients bought me the Imperial Moisturiser following my first diagnosis in 2018. I loved it so I Googled the products and read Tracey's story which immediately resonated. It became clear why the products were so good as she knew exactly what it was like to need something special, which makes women/men everywhere look and feel fantastic - something I am also very passionate about.

When I first started treatment my skin was really red and dry and as soon as I used HIGHBORN it settled down immediately. I quickly realised the range was going to work for me. I now love EVERYTHING! I can't even choose a favourite. I've had so many compliments on my skin and how well I look. No one can believe I am going through chemo.

I love the love the special feeling I get when using the products. I love being part of a positive and inspiring community. Supporting [breast] cancer, natural ingredients, no animal testing, no parabens or sulphates and the fact everything is made in UK. And of course, I love the results I am seeing. 

So ladies, thank you for having me and for listening to my story. I hope I've helped bring a smile to your face today. Sending you lots of warm, positive energy. I'm really looking forward to sharing my journey and HIGHBORN experience with you!

Louise x


Patricia Nunn on September 29 2021 at 02:36PM

Louise you are a true ambassador for Highborn London, you skin is glowing and it reflects your inspirational warmth and energy. Thank you for sharing your story and keep shining that light.

Pamela Cunningham on September 24 2021 at 12:48PM

Hi Louise, you are a breath of fresh air and your story will give hope and courage to many people
Like you, I use Highborn products and find them wonderful. I have Basal Cell Carcinomas on my face and am waiting more surgery soon . Although they are not life threatening,the scarring is quite deep once they have been removed and the areas are tender for quite a while . Highborn products, like you ,feel wonderful on my sore skin and at 70 years old people often say that my skin looks great . Thank you so much for telling your story and I wish you a long and happy life x

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