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Why You Need To Learn To Love Yourself

Love is in the air this Valentine's but is it coming your way? But let's be clear, I'm not talking about us all sat here waiting for cupid to deliver an overwhelming bunch of roses and some choccie hearts ...

I'm talking about your love for YOU. Eeek, the thought of which still makes a lot of us feel awkward ... "Isn't it selfish to love me and put me first?" And that's because they are yet to discover the power of self-love and what loving one's self really means!

Why am I so passionate about self-love? I can hand on heart say it's one of the best skills I've learned. Yes, it is a skill you can master. With the right guidance and support. It's proven to have so many benefits ...

People who love themselves are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. Loving yourself reduces stress, helps to prevent procrastination and helps you to be more focused in all that you do!

This has to be the essential ingredient for success in life and for mental wellbeing. 

And that's why I have to share my simple steps to help you love you more. Because when you feel amazing on the inside it'll shine through on the outside ... PLUS you can enjoy 15% OFF today with code LOVE22 in our special Valentine's Sale.

1. Don't compare yourself to others

It's natural. But it is dangerous and draining. There’s only one you so shift your energy to YOU. Focus on yourself and your journey. You will start to feel amazingly liberated!

2. Don't worry about others' opinions

It's impossible to make everyone happy and it's incredibly wasteful and exhausting trying to! When you learn to accept and be comfortable knowing that you can't please everyone you'll release a huge weight off your shoulders. Free yourself from allowing others to slow you down on your journey to being your best self!

3. Be forgiving of yourself

This is about allowing yourself to make mistake and not punishing yourself with guilt if and when you do. The older we get the more pressure we seem to put on ourselves to get everything right. It's natural but not realistic and not necessary.

No one is perfect. It's all about learning, growing and moving on. So go make some mistakes and feel ok about it! 

4. Be kind to your body

Self-care is crucial here. If your body is feeling good, you will feel good! Skincare of course helps to look after your biggest organ and we all know the buzz when we're feeling great about our skin. [And as a Valentine's treat you can shop 15% OFF everything today with code LOVE22!] 

Feed your body well too. It's important for energy as well as good health. Wear what makes you feel good. Remember this is your body and every day is about showing up as YOU! And I cannot stress enough the need for rest. Take time out. Don't take on too much. Get your eight hours sleep even if something has to wait. You're no good to yourself if you're tired and not feeling your best.

5. Let go of bad relationships

I'm talking toxic people here. You cannot fully embrace self-love if you continue to allow yourself to be drawn in by negative energies. This may sound harsh but really, it's not your job to absorb and be a part of other people's bad agendas.

You have to step back, be strong, let go and protect your positive energy. Save it for you and those who deserve it. Remember, you cannot please everyone and you don't need to for you own happiness.

6. Allow yourself to feel fully

This may sound strange but we're living in a world where we are expected to be strong, all the time. Or even worried that we shouldn't show that we're too happy because it will seem boastful and irritate others [these are the negative energies to step away from by the way]! 

With all this comes the problem of overriding, damping down or hiding how you truly feel. But let me tell you now, you are allowed to feel and you are allowed to show that you feel. Fully embrace your happiness, your sadness, your fears and share your feelings with those who matter to you. Allow yourself to be YOU.

If this all feels alien and too uncomfortable to you, remember to be patient with yourself. Take one step at a time. Self-love doesn't happen overnight. Learning to love yourself is a journey that leads you to your best self! And once learned, YOU will be forever set in your heart.

Lots of love

Tracey xxxx



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