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How To Remove Your Make-Up Like A Pro

Like picking at lumps and bumps and failing to apply SPF on a daily basis, going to bed in your make-up is the ultimate beauty sin. But do you really know how to effectively remove stubborn mascara and long-lasting foundation, so you don’t wake up with panda eyes and stains on your pillowcase?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, so read on for five of the best tips for nailing a make-up free face. Because a cleansing wipe or a splash of water really won’t do. Read on for everything you need to know about the most important part of your skincare regime ...

1. First, Use An Oil-Based Remover

Make-up usually contains oil and, as you know, water and oil don’t mix very well, so using a water-based face wash and hoping for the best won’t cut the mustard. Equally, it's hard to find a make-up remover which is suitable to be used on your entire face. 

Opt for an oil-based remover before cleansing to help dissolve stubborn make-up like mascara, liquid eyeliner and cream foundation. Our brand spanking new Natural Make-Up Remover is packed with botanical oils like sweet almond, olive and jojoba to whisk away persistent make-up while brightening, softening and moisturising your skin at the same time. Win-win.

2. Say No To Cotton Wool

Cheap, single-use cotton wool is doused in harmful pesticides. According to the World Wildlife Fund, it also takes around 20,000 litres of water to produce just one 1kg of cotton. Not only that, but cotton wool can’t be composted or recycled so it gets dumped in landfills where it can take months to decompose. 

All this makes your innocent-looking cotton wool pads or balls very eco-unfriendly. So, instead of cluttering up your bathroom (and the world) with unnecessary cotton wool, invest in some reusable pads that can be thrown in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

3. Give It A Minute

How you remove your make-up is just as important as what you use and the key here is to take your time. Soak your cotton pad with Natural Make-Up Remover, then smooth it over each eye and allow the product to sit for a minute or two while you brush your teeth or put your PJs on.

This important step softens your make-up and allows it to be wiped off much more easily, therefore minimising potential damage caused by frantically rubbing at the delicate skin around your eyes. A big no-no.

4. Try A Double Cleanse

Contrary to popular belief, double cleansing is not something you have to do on a daily basis – especially if you have dry, sensitive or normal (lucky you!) skin. However, if you regularly wear a lot of heavy make-up, it’s one of the best ways to ensure your cleansing routine is bang on the money. 

Use your Natural Make-Up Remover to first whisk away your make-up – and yes, it’s great for your entire face and neck, not just your lips and eyes – then cleanse your face with Crystal Cleanser to help lift off further residue like sweat, bacteria and dirt.

Remember to always follow with moisturising formulations to replace lost water, oils and lipids. Apply Imperial Eye Gel around your eyes, balm up your lips with Superior Lip Butter and smooth Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum, followed by Night Elixir, all over your face and neck.

5. Don't Forget Your Hairline

Whether your hair is super long or super short, it’s easy to miss the area around your hairline when cleansing your skin and removing foundation. Big mistake… huge. 

Leaving make-up residue around your hairline can build up over time and block your pores. And you know what blocked pores can lead to if they get left to their own devices. One word: breakouts.

An easy way to ensure your make-up removing routine doesn’t fall short is to tie your hair into a topknot or pop a headband on. This allows you a much better look at your skin and helps you thoroughly cleanse those hard-to-see areas.

Not tried our Natural Make-Up Remover yet? Head here to get yours >>

PS: One last tip before we go. Don’t rely on facial cleansing wipes to remove your make-up, cleanse your skin or, in fact, do anything useful at all. They’re nothing short of useless for anything other than irritating your skin and moving dirt around your face.

Much better to spend a minute or two removing your make-up properly with targeted formulations and a thorough cleansing routine. Your skin will thank you for it!


Britt Casey on January 31 2022 at 10:32AM

Where do I buy the washable makeup removable pads, or do you have them for sale @ HighBorn.
The oil based cleanser is fabulous on my sensitive skin leaving it very soft. Highly recommend it.

Kim Martin on January 25 2022 at 01:39PM

I would like to be able to buy some washable pads from yourselves one day.


Shona Winter on January 25 2022 at 01:39PM

Thank you for this interesting read. For sure it makes perfect sense for the skin and the planet. Will give it a go.

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