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How To Make Your Own Luck In Seven Steps

Luck, "force that causes good things to happen to you by chance." And Friday 13th is supposedly the unluckiest day of the year, where things are fated to go wrong [if you are superstitious that is]. Or is it? And why leave everything to chance anyway? So whether you're superstitious or not, I want to let you in on a little secret ... you can totally make your own luck!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get all the luck? Whether they know it or not, they will be taking steps to lead to their own luck. They have learned to put themselves in the right situations, take the right opportunities and accomplish their goals through focus and hard work.

Relying solely on chance will be holding you back. Opportunities will be lost; good things will pass you by unnoticed. But worse of all, you could be waiting for something to happen for a very, very long time.

Let me tell you how to create your own luck, or certainly attract more luck, with these seven, lucky steps ...

1. Give Negativity The Boot

This is a biggie for me. Negativity is a blocker of all things important; happiness, opportunities, success, and LUCK. When you re-channel your mind to think positively, no matter what, you see a whole lot more goodness in front of you. And I believe you attract a lot more too! But positive thoughts don't just happen. They need to be created and nurtured. Regularly!

Start by thinking about the things you love and enjoy; it's good to remind yourself of these every day. Then when you are interrupted by something that makes you start to feel aggy, accept it but don't dwell on it. Fix it there and then if you can! If it's complex, write it down, come back to it when you can with your positivity to the ready to help you deal with it.

2. Accept Setbacks 

Everyone has set backs and challenges to overcome. It's inevitable. It's life. The trick is how you handle a set back. Do you let it absorb you with negative thoughts and defeat? Or do you see it as an opportunity and even a redirection in life? People who make their own luck see the latter. Accept a set back has happened for a reason and you'll find that reason. Invest your energy into working out how to correct the set back.

There's something to be learned, even if it's to realise your own strength, give you confidence or that you weren't actually on the right path after all. Don't leave the correction to chance. Don't shy away or be defeated. Take control. Take positive steps and luck will find you and help you.


It's simple really - if you sit around waiting for something to happen, you could be waiting forever. Sorry. I love the concept of stepping stones in life. Stepping stones encourage you to get moving and take control of what you can. First, you need to ask yourself what does YOUR success or good fortune look like? What have you been hoping for but not yet achieved? Now work backward to where you are now. What are the stepping stones you have to take?

Visualising goodness and success will help you get on a path to your goals. And in turn will help you attract some luck along the way too! Remember, you're not leaving everything to chance; you're setting off along the path to your dreams and you will attract luck.

4. Be On The Lookout

Luck isn’t easily stumbled upon by chance. I believe you can spot an opportunity for great things if you allow yourself to look for it. Creating your own luck is about learning and knowing where to find an opportunity.

Be more aware of your circumstances and surroundings. Don't let things pass you by and act on opportunities when you see them. You'll start to see things differently, naturally. You'll find yourself stopping and thinking for a moment - this could lead to something good. Being more conscious and actively on the look out will allow more luck into your life. 

5. Be Brave And Curious

If you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know the true extent of what's possible and what you can achieve! Explore new things, try a new hobby, learn something new, go to new places... You'll meet more people, learn more and open up more opportunities in the proceed. 

Embrace the unknown and see where it takes you. And, most importantly, act when an opportunity presents itself. Don't let it pass you by. Because seizing opportunities is what leads you to LUCK! 

6. Focus On What's Important

The most important thing to remember about luck is that it's got to relate to something you value. Someone's good luck could be another's bad luck. It's what matters to you. Being offered a promotion out of the blue is great if you're ambitious with your career. But if you're happy where you are then this won't be viewed as a stroke of luck.

Luck is felt when goodness happens to the things that you love. Family, friends, and yourself of course! The things that really make your life fulfilling are what you need to remain focused on... do the things you love, see the things you love. Channel your energy towards them and luck will follow!

7. Finally, Give More

When you are sincerely generous, and I'm talking generous with anything you have to offer like advice, a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand, even patience in a frustrating situation, you will naturally attract kindness and generosity back. Which in turn will bring you good luck!

So hold that door open, let someone with less shopping jump in front of you, and call someone you've been meaning to catch up with for a while. But also give to yourself too. Give yourself time to rest, time to explore ... time to do all of the above! Because being kind and generous to yourself and others surrounds you with the best and most powerful energy for great things to happen to you.

So there you have, seven steps to help you get into a position where you can be lucky, ready to receive more luck and ready to make your own luck. 


Gillian Valente on August 13 2021 at 01:41PM

Thank you Stacey for your seven steps.In the Bible it mentions the number seven as a perfect number !
No.7 Is wonderfully put as you say kindness and generosity come back to you when you give selflessly ♥️
Recently the opposite has occurred in my new neighbour !I am a garden designer hence my garden is designed which has caused her to be extremely jealous with vibes of hostity expressed every time I go into the garden.And so your article today has inspired me to not give up !Thank you ,Gillianx

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