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How to 'Instantly' Look 5 Pounds Leaner

I'd finish work in my late teens, feel peckish and head straight to the bakery for a cream doughnut with jam.

You know, the long 'hot dog' kind of shaped ones ... yummy ... I would happily have one everyday along with breakfast, a big lunch, full hot dinner and I yet was LUCKY, I was still thin!

But then I met Henry (17 years ago!) and we spent a few years just having the most hilarious time partying, laughing, playing practical jokes and EATING pizza, McDonalds, cream cakes then WHAM!

My body changed it's mind!

It stopped burning calories like a steam engine at full 'puff' and instead starting storing them for me (against my will) for a later date in various places around my body! Not very helpful!

You see, it's sad but true that in the eyes of most (not all), slimness is associated with youth. And in some ways at least for me it was easier to stay slim when I was younger. 

Nowadays I spend a lot of time really looking after myself.

I used to HATE running.

I couldn't think of anything worse.

It's not for everyone and there's no need to be like me but while Henry spends hours every day running up and down coast path hills, I enjoy running 5k and 10k 5 or so times a week (and a little competitive running) to keep fit and give me the room to enjoy my food too!

And, besides there is a ton of research that shows keeping fit helps reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence of cancer by 30% or more and it has endless other benefits too. 

So, here are a few little tricks to help you look leaner today ... just by standing up straight!

Rounded shoulders and a torso like 'sack of spuds' will make anyone, no matter how lovely, look older, heavier, droopier.

So keep checking your posture - it's good for your back and it's good for your looks. Walk like a leaner, slender, younger person and you'll start to look like one too!

  • Think of centring your body over the balls of your feet.
  • Try walking along a narrow kerb - it will stop you walking with your feet too far apart.
  • When you sit your shoulders should be balanced over your hips - don't slump.
  • When lifting heavy objects bend your knees.
  • Practising contracting your pelvic floor muscles - squeeze as if you want to stop yourself having a pee and consciously tighten your abdominal muscles. Within three weeks your posture will be noticeably better. 
  • Imaging there's a piece of string joined to the top of your head and someone is gently pulling you up with it. You'll literally stand taller.

Try these tips and if you want to shed a few pounds then start small; a little more exercise, a little less 'naughty' food and build a little habit of just that. It takes 21 days to build a new habit  but once you're there you'll likely never turn back and enjoy the benefits for years to come. 

And above all remember that no matter what size or shape you are, you are amazing, have always been amazing and will always be amazing! 

Love and hugs,

Tracey x


Sol on August 29 2017 at 07:39PM

Great advice and so important for your core muscles, back and neck – thank you Tracey xx

Helen Bates on August 26 2017 at 06:02PM

Really enjoying your blog, keep them coming, some really great tips.. can never see me running but hay, walking is just as good, and the dog loves her walks.. x

Anne on August 25 2017 at 10:00AM

Great tips, thank you.
I’m an older bird and have noticed that some of my friends are round shouldered and their chins are starting to jut out, I don’t want that, so I am definitely going to give your tips a try!!

Juan Taylor (former weight loss consultant) on August 25 2017 at 09:52AM

Excellent advice Tracey – we need to keep being reminded of this!

Morag Hutchison on August 25 2017 at 07:58AM

Great blog Tracey!! Keep it up

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