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How To Give Bad Skin Days The Boot

"Never have I ever had a bad skin day"... said no one, ever!

But whilst grizzly skin days are inevitable, thankfully, there are many ways to avoid them in the first place. But what if it’s too late for that? Well, there are just as many tricks for putting a little pep back in your skin’s step.

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Maybe you’ll have a rubbish night’s sleep and wake up with tired, dull skin. Perhaps your hormones are all over the show and the odd spot has crept up on you. Firstly, this is all totally normal stuff. Secondly, you can dodge these down times with a few skincare tweaks!

Read on for our tried and tested tips we know will help you avoid AND turnaround your bad skin days…

3 Ways To Avoid Bad Skin Days In The First Place

1. ‘No Cleanse, No Bed, No Excuses'

This is the absolute foundation to healthy skin. Just like brushing your teeth, cleansing your skin every morning and night should be a given. And it's the evening cleanse that's way more important...

FACT: On average, 15 hours of sweat, oil, make-up, dirt, pollution etc builds up on your face throughout the day. You do not want all that pore-clogging nastiness sinking in while you sleep. Your skin needs is a clean slate to help it recover from the day and rejuvenate itself for the next. 

What to do: Easy. Before bed (no matter the time), remove your make-up with our gentle but super effective Natural Make-Up Remover. Then cleanse all over with Crystal Cleanser.

2. Protect Your Skin's Natural Defence

One of the most important layers of your skin is its barrier; the outermost layer. It stops nasties from getting in and moisture from getting out. Look after this precious commodity if you're hoping for a great skin day!

Do's and Don'ts:

1. NEVER wash your face in hot water. This strips vital oils from your skin.

2. Don’t overload your skin with too many active ingredients like retinoids, glycolic acid and vitamin C. Stick to small doses.

3. Use a kind-to-your-skin treatment like Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum, rather than cocktailing a bunch of serums that could clash and harm your skin. 

Positive lifestyle choices make a real difference too! Eat a healthy diet; get regular, good quality sleep and try to cut down on stress which can play havoc with your barrier function.

3. Don't Invite Trouble!

Never , ever skip your moisturiser. Don't underestimate this part of your skincare routine – especially if you have oily skin and think you don’t need it – how wrong you'd be.

FACT: Moisturiser is vital if you want to avoid bad skin days!

Just like regular cleansing and sun protection, moisturising is not only a basic need for avoiding dryness and dehydration, but it also keeps your skin’s natural defence system happy and functioning.

What to do: Moisturise after every cleanse. Throughout the day if you have particularly dry skin. Use Imperial Moisturiser in the morning and Night Elixir at night. Add in Organic Hydration Gel for a super moisture boost!

3 Ways To Turnaround a Bad Skin Day (because it’s never too late)

1. Buff Away The Dead Stuff...

A quick and simple way to instantly improve your skin's appearance is to exfoliate. Gentle exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, while encouraging the fresher, healthier stuff to come to the surface. Hello, new skin. Bye-bye, dullness. 

What you'll need: Our 100% Natural Luminosity Scrub is a must here to reveal shiny-new skin cells that might otherwise have stayed buried beneath the dead ones.

How? Gently massage Natural Luminosity Scrub over your face and neck after cleansing. Then rinse with cool water to boost blood flow and really rev up your skin.

Did you know? Exfoliating also helps the rest of your regime to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin, improving your results! It also stimulates blood flow - aiding healing, repair and a natural glow!

2. Kick Back With A Face Mask

A weekly face mask is a great habit to get into because this will help detox and rejuvenate your skin, keeping you one step ahead of impending bad skin days.

What you'll need: Our Natural Element Clay Mask can help when your skin is in a bit of a pickle thanks. Jam-packed with hyaluronic acid and botanical oils to hydrate and moisturise, combining green and white clays to draw impurities from your skin and help balance oils, unclog your pores and even out a flagging complexion.

How? Massage a thin layer onto your cleansed face and neck. Sit back and switch off for ten minutes while it sinks into your skin. Wash away with a damp face cloth and voila!

3. A Little, Natural Disguise...

Clever skincare that also helps take the edges off a gloomy skin day? A gift from the beauty gods. Or, as we like to call it, our Organic Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25...

Perfect for when your skin is looking a little flushed, peaky, dull or tired, this best-selling tinted moisturiser adds a subtle tint without completely masking your skin behind a thick layer of make-up (a one-way ticket to clogged pores and breakouts if you’re not careful).

Good to know! It’s also non-comedogenic so is ideal for all skin types and won't bung your pores. In fact, it’s so lightweight you’ll barely even know you’re wearing it. And it's available in four adaptive shades!

One final takeaway for below-par skin days? Try not to sweat them too much. They too shall pass and if you smile and hold your head up high, no one else will even notice your skin is not quite as fabulous as usual.

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